Google Pixel 2 And Pixel XL 2 Codenamed Muskie And Walleye [Leaked]

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Thanks to Google we now know that its Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 handsets will launch at some point later this year. However, until, this week little, if anything else was known about them. That was until an anonymous leaker provided the publication AndroidPolice with details about the handsets showing up during their testing phases.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2

According to the unknown source information has appeared about at least one of the device in the Android Open Source Project gerrit. Referred to as “Walleye”, it’s thought this is the codename of the smaller Pixel 2 handset. This codename is seen in the logs of the open source project and has many believing it’s accurate.

Walleye and Muskie

Now since the Android Police published their report, the log above has changed. However, there are no details present to back up its second assertion. One that along with the Google Pixel 2 codenamed Walleye see’s the Pixel XL 2 codenamed as Muskie. Why Muskie? unfortunately, no indication is given; however, its noninclusion in the logs should not be considered as a reason to disbelieve its existence.

Why? Because last year the codename of the first Pixel then called Marlin also showed up on its own. In fact, the larger Pixel XL was not mentioned in the Android Open Source Project before its launch. So, there’s no reason to believe that Google is not taking the same path with this year’s devices.

Google pixel 2 codename
Image Source: AOSP (Android Open Source Project) garret

As for what is known about the spec and design of the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2. Nothing official has yet been revealed, so as you would expect all we have are rumors. Here’s a brief overview of what is being said.

Spec Rumors

Now before we continue, it’s worth noting that the following information should be taken with a pinch of salt. So, here goes…


To start with; apparently, Google is working with the likes of Qualcomm to refine its CPU choice. Accordingly, it’s thought that the SnapDragon 835 could be used; however, rumors also point towards work being done with Intel. This has many confused due to its failure to break into the mobile chip market in a meaningful way. That being said, though, this work is said to be of a specialized nature, what that is is anyone’s guess.


Where design is concerned Recombu recently reported that Google might move away from the design of the earlier devices. Meaning that instead, of a half-matt and half-glossy finish they will sport a very different look and feel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go on to elaborate and explain it’s thinking on this, so, this is for sure a pinch of salt rumor.

Operating System

With Google’s Pixel and XL, the company designed them to be the very first devices to run on Android Nougat. As such, many now think this will be a recurring theme for future devices. With both the Google Pixel 2 and XL both launching running on Android 8.0 Oreo.

Virtual Reality

If the rumors are accurate and Google does go for the Snapdragon 835 chipset. It is a piece of technology designed to take mobile virtual reality to the next stage. According to Qualcomm, its latest chipset will enable more complex scenes to be rendered in real time. Meaning that a user has greater control of the virtual environment, which ties in with Google’s Daydream vision. Now, the proof is in the using, but some are suggesting this could lead to the first great mobile VR experience. An experience that could rival those seen by tethered device users.

Come and share your thought’s, what do you expect/want to see from a Google Pixel 2 or Pixel XL 2?

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