Google Inc Buys Mobile Photo Backup App Odysee

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Google’s latest acquisition is a photo backup application that allows users to back up photos across multiple devices and share them with friends

Google just purchased Odysee, a service that specializes in storing videos and photos on a central cloud right from the home computer. The service utilizes an online cache to offer reliable access to content, enabling it to work even when the computer is offline or running very slow. Google plans on adding the service to its Google+ network.

Google set to absorb new purchase

Apple’s App Store and Google Play have already removed the app from their stores. Odysee will allow current users to continue service through Feb. 23. It will also allow users to download an archive of all their images. This revolutionary photo service makes it easy to share photos with everyone in their network. It also makes it easy to share photos with those outside the network by simply posting URLs on social networks.

The search giant’s ongoing attempt at social networking has proven to be anything but successful. However, that does not stop the search giant from trying to turn it around. Many of the site’s acquisitions are part of an effort to boost Google+, and Odysee appears to be part of the plan.

Odysee confirms acquisition

The official website for Odysee displayed a message for users detailing the transition. The company’s management say they are excited to join Google and hope to continue focusing on building great products people love. Odysee was originally developed by Nimbuz Inc. The company raised $761,000 in 2013. It is still unknown whether the company obtained more funding.

There were rumors involving the website’s intention to separate the photos feature from Google+ and peddle it as an independent offering. Bloomberg reported that Google’s new photo services may continue to work with Google+ but operate under a new name.

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