Google Preemptively Goes After Driving With Glass Bans

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I’ve written extensively on this site the moment the first Google Glass video was released by the Mountain View, CA company. I’ve followed a bar in Seattle, The 5 Points, on Facebook when they banned the device before it was even released to Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Explorers.

The Explorers are the group of journalists and others that were given the device (for a lot of money) in order to begin beta testing and providing feedback on it. With its introduction to the explorers came the immediate need in some lawmakers’ eyes to ban it from the driving Explorer’s eyes.

Trouble with a ban

The first move came out of West Virginia where a group of lawmakers were stymied by matters of procedures. (The group does promise to return to the matter when it’s actually relevant.) Other states followed and the UK has also considered a ban.

As a result, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is now lobbying in at least three states — Illinois, Delaware, and Missouri according to a report from Reuters.

I’m sorry, but this is premature. Personally, while I think you will see legislation that bans drivers from wearing Glass behind the wheel, I would posit the question, which is more dangerous – Glass or two kids fighting in the car or for that matter being sixteen and driving at all?

I can also see a number of times where driving with Glass could prove a great idea but I digress and the device isn’t even on the market. Besides, those benefits while perhaps catching a drunk driver or providing “amber alerts” to more drivers might start violating others privacy. Fact is, there are numerous potential benefits, as yet undiscovered.

Google responds

Recently Chris Matyszczyk of CNET was told by a Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) spokesperson,  “Technology issues are a big part of the current policy discussion in individual states. We think it is important to be part of that discussion and to help policymakers understand new technologies including Glass. Glass is currently in the hands of a small group of Explorers, but we find that when people try it for themselves they realize that Glass is not meant to distract but rather connect you more with the world around you.”

Well there you go…for now.

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