Google Drive Adds Features To Keep You Organized

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Google Drive is growing up, today’s added features to the desktop won’t drop your jaw by any means but they will certainly help you stay organized.

Google Drive is often a mess

There are certainly no shortage of other options to store your files in the cloud with Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync among others available as free options. Now, I will confess that I use Google Drive more than the others but I do this with a bit of a heavy heart.

Articles that ValueWalk wants written by its team of writers all appear in a Google Sheet stored on Google Drive. As one of my primary jobs, this dictates that I use Google Drive. As an old man, I’ve essentially said, “That’s enough, Drive will be my choice for all my storage and sharing needs,” this in spite of the fact that I truly prefer a number of the aforementioned options to Drive and others not mentioned.

The reason? Google Drive is a mess. I’ll take some of the heat for this as a disorganized person, but Google hasn’t really worried too much about making house/drive cleaning easy. However, today marks a change in Google’s thinking.

Google Drive’s new features

Once again, nothing terrifically new, just easier.

For those with a large number of files take a bit of time with these tools and get organized this weekend.

Whether your files are in My Drive or in other created folder withing Google Drive, you can now move files with a simple drag and drop something that was noticeably absent before today. I figure I need about an hour and I’m good.

The other additions today’s update have to do with getting files to Google Drive in the first place. When previewing files on your desktop, a new button has been added that allows you to save your photo or document directly to My Drive. The last addition will help you when you are browsing files in Drive. A “Move” icon is now present in the toolbar so you can immediately move files to the folder of your choice. No longer to you need to go to the three-dotted “Menu” button to select move.

Sure it’s a small update, but every click counts.

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