Google Brings Google Glass To Enterprise

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Google Glass is coming back with a bang, and this time the tech giant plans to market it to businesses. The new Glass is reportedly dubbed GG1, and it will likely launch during the latter part of the year. Currently, the device is still in the nascent development stage.

Google Glass for business

According to Stephen Hall, Google has been sharing separate prototypes of Glass at Work. The purported program is designed to create business or professional apps for Glass partners.

Google officially unveiled it’s wearable device in the earlier part of 2012. The device is an internet-connected headset that can be used to take photos, record footage and access apps. A year later, Google invited potential Glass owners to participate in a special Twitter promo with a hashtag #IfIHadGlass and those who qualified had the chance to pay $1,500 to purchase the wearable. Buyers also had to go to one of the company’s officers in New York City, San Francisco or Los Angeles to pick up the glasses.

Google looks towards the future

In early 2014, Google announced plans to open more beta testing of the device. In the early part of this year, Google announced that Glass was getting a completely new design and that it wouldn’t be released until it was perfect.

Google Glass has been one of the most controversial tech products ever created. The wearable has many people concerned over privacy infringement. Many bars and cinemas banned customers from wearing the device on their premises. Police officers ticketed some drivers for wearing the device while behind the wheel.

All the negative press surrounding Google Glass likely contributed to the company’s decision to shutter the Explorer program in January. Google aims to make Glass for Enterprise different, and it may have some success. One big advantage is the search giant already has a solid customer base with Google for Work.

That said, only time will tell if Google’s second try with Glass is successful.

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