Google+ Adds New Features to Make The Social Network Business Friendly

Google+ Adds New Features to Make The Social Network Business Friendly
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Google+ is now ready for business! Last year, Google+ invited businesses to join their social media network, and now they are rolling out special features to enhance the user experience for businesses.

 Google+ Adds New Features to Make The Social Network Business Friendly

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s director of product management, Clay Bavor states, “We’re really taking the first big step in bringing Google+ to the enterprise.”

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Back in June 2011, Google+ requested that businesses waited a bit, because they initially wanted to focus on consumers before focusing on their Google+ pages. Last fall, Google+ opened up for businesses via Google Apps, but it still had yet to focus on the needs of enterprise.

Over time, Google+  added features like the ability to embed files from Google documents in Hangout video conferences and, the ability to join a Hangout through Gmail.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s social media website just rolled out some new features on Wednesday. They also plan on creating a separate Google+ enterprise service in two years. The new features include the capability to send Calendar invites and launch Hangout meetings. Bavor explained, “Attendees can come into meeting with one click, without having to fumble around with an 800-number or passcode. This really speaks to how we’ve thought about Google+. It’s not this separate place to go to be social. Rather we’re integrating it throughout the product suite.”

Hangouts are considered one of the best features of Google+ for businesses.

Another useful feature for businesses is the ability to restrict sharing select posts.  This is ideal for companies who want to keep employee communications confidential. Google Apps  administrators  will also configure Google+ through the Google Apps control app.

It is surprising the Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) took more time to roll out features that are specifically geared for business, but it probably was the best move for the company as it gave them enough time to research and launch the new services.

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