Google Is Adding Transparency To The Presidential Election

Google Is Adding Transparency To The Presidential Election
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In this absolute mess of an election cycle that could effectively be over on one side this evening while democrats continue to fight it out, Google has added a number of features to Google Search to give you more information on the finances of the remaining campaigns as well as a number of other features.

Google is ready for “Mega Tuesday”

While “Super Tuesday” was a big victory for both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump (that’s just painful to write), Google’s announcement ahead of “Mega Tuesday” (which will see five more states voting tonight) is a big victory for anyone who is closely following the primaries.

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The new Google Search additions include a comprehensive and easy-to-access look at the finances of those involved in the process. The new additions to Google Search include a breakdown of how much money each candidate is getting from SuperPACs as opposed to individuals as well as a breakdown of what industries are supporting which candidates financially. Additionally, Google Search is breaking down trending searches related to each candidate.

These additions come on the heels of Google’s move last month to make it easier for searchers to identify where politicians stand and have voted on issues like immigration, gun control, the economy, defense and other issues. This voting record clearly doesn’t apply to Donald Trump as he’s never held office nor voted on any salient issue but it does show how he’s changed his opinion on just about everything he “stands” for over the course of his life.

Politics are fun to follow and the search giant is simply making it easier for the undecided as their states go to the polls.

While there is little doubt that Google has its share of dissenting opinions on its many campuses, the company is going our of its way to provide accurate, unbiased information and to do this has paired with the Center for Responsible Politics to provide the data on campaign finance information. Whether or not you are familiar with the Center’s work or not, they do provide the best available information by charter.

Trending searches add to the fun

Donald Trump says something about his “huge” penis? You’ll find it here. Bill Clinton says something silly? Ditto, it’s all here. It’s a novel way to follow this s**t show that is this election season. To describe this as a normal nomination season would be to deny all you know about presidential politics. From Bernie Sanders supporters to Donald Trump, there is quite a bit that will be remembered about this election assuming that the end of the world is not walking into the oval office come next January.

Recent endorsements, the name “Drumpf” and other trending searches will all be made available to users of Google Search on both desktop and mobile.

While trending searches have always been available to Google Search users, Google is simply making it easier by putting it right in from of you. As this process continues, thank you Google for bringing a bit of sanity to an absolutely ridiculous year.

Whatever comes out of the remainder of this process will certainly interest the nation and the world and the company is doing its best to give you the tools you need to make your vote matter when it’s lever-pulling day.

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