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Gmail Goes Down For Some Users

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Gmail Goes Down For Some Users

Gmail has crashed for many users and Google is currently trying to investigate  the situation.

Google’s popular email client is currently down. Moreover, some Chrome users are experiencing repeated crashes. The TNW report notes, “Google’s Gmail product is currently down for the count, and its status page shows that there is a ‘service disruption’. We’ve confirmed that it’s down for Apps and regular users of the mail service. In what could be a related issue, we’ve also been seeing repeated Google Chrome browser crashes this morning for users that are signed in. Searches for the Gmail outage and Chrome crashes on Twitter are returning hundreds of results. There may, in fact, be a bug with Chrome and Gmail together that is causing the crashes.  More to follow.”

The Twitterverse has been buzzing with reports and information regarding this glitch.

@HuffPostTech reports “Gmail is down, people are freaking out, and you can check on its status right here”

@CNETNews adds “Gmail outage his both consumers and enterprise users”

@GuardianSustBiz(Guardian Sustainable Business) suggests, “Well, while gmail is down, you may as well do a bit of reading…”

A few individuals on Twitter also took the liberty to compare the Google outage with the hyped “Mayan apocalypse” in a humorous manner.

Google had a similar outage problem last spring and it was fixed promptly. Hopefully, Google will recognize the underlying problem and fix it soon.

This current Gmail outage shows just how important email is to businesses and individuals alike.  Fortunately, as some folks on Twitter have demonstrated, this glitch is not the end of the world and we should use some of this extra time to be extra productive. It’s only a matter of time until Google finds a resolution to this problem and fixes the glitch.

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