Getting iOS 13 estimating time remaining error? Here’s why

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Apple has made the official public release of iOS 13 available to users around the world. As is always the case, the rollout isn’t going without any problems. One issue that’s being reported is the iOS 13 “estimated time remaining” error. Essentially, the download gets stuck and won’t finish, which means you can’t install iOS 13 on your device. We’ve got some ideas on how to fix this problem.

What’s casing the iOS 13 “estimating time remaining” error

The error message can make it seem like something big is happening with your device. However, there’s a very simple reason you’re getting it. Apple’s servers are being overwhelmed by devices that are all trying to download iOS 13, and as a result, some people will see the iOS 13 “estimating time remaining” error when they try to do it.

The error simply means that Apple’s servers can’t handle all the traffic they are getting at that particular moment, so some people get cut off. For this reason, it may be a good idea to wait a few days before you try to download iOS 13. This will also give others some time to try it out and discover any potential bugs that may still exist in the newest version of the operating system.

Those who do decide to download iOS 13 on launch day when everyone else is downloading it may see the iOS 13 “estimating time remaining” message on their device while trying to download. In the worst-case scenario, the download hangs and never completes, leaving the message frozen on the device’s screen. It will be obvious that no progress on the download is being made, but the message won’t disappear, and the device will remain stuck.

If this happens to your device, you will simply need to reboot and then try downloading iOS 13 again at a later time. There is no workaround for the error. Apple could beef up its servers to handle all the traffic, but it would probably take quite a bit of extra computing power to do that. Even then, there would probably still be installation problems for some users.

Other problems with the update

Early reviews from those who have been able to download and install iOS 13 indicate that there are plenty of bugs, which means it wouldn’t hurt to wait until iOS 13.1 is released, probably on Sept. 24. It seems almost as if Apple itself doesn’t feel like iOS 13 is ready for the general public, given that it plans to release 13.1 only a few days after 13.0 was released.

Reports indicate that many apps seem to crash randomly when they’re opened. Some users also report that their calls drop after updating to the new version of iOS. Others are reporting issues with the Camera and Photos app. It’s not surprising that the Photos app is causing problems because iOS 13 brings with it some major changes to the app, including a new Photos tab, auto-play for live videos and photos in the gallery, contextual transitions, smart photo previews, significant events, On this Day, birthday mode, and much more.

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