How To Get Started With Apple Pay Cash On Your iPhone And iPad

How To Get Started With Apple Pay Cash On Your iPhone And iPad
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Apple Pay Cash is a convenient way to easily send and receive money. Gone are the days where you have to endlessly harass your friends to pay you back for that dinner app. Just send a request and the payment is easily completed They can even send the money using Siri! While using Apple Pay Cash is relatively easy, there are a few steps to go through in order to set it up, which we’ve detailed below.

Setting Up Your Apple Pay Cash

Follow these steps to get the utility running on your phone.

  • Click the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on the little card that appears at the top of your screen, followed by tapping the “Set Up Apple Pay Cash” button.
  • From that point, Apple’s prompts will guide you through the whole process. This includes verification, and asking if you’d like to enable the service.
  • Afterwards, iOS moves you to the Settings app for you to confirm your info.
  • It takes a few seconds to activate, but at that point an Apple Pay Cash Card will appear in the wallet app. Once this process is complete, you’ll be able to access Apple Pay Cash in the Wallet just as you would any other payment method.

Request or Send a Payment

Now that you have the app up and running, let’s go over how you can request or send a payment using the Apple Pay Wallet.

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  • Open a conversation in Messages with the person you’re sending money to or requesting money from.
  • Tap the App Store button within the Messages app, and select the new Apple Pay Icon.
  • Either use the “+” and “-” buttons, or the keypad to enter the amount of money.
  • Tap either request or pay depending on what you’re looking to do.
  • Once you’ve reviewed everything to make sure it’s correct, press the blue arrow to send the money or a request — just as you would a regular text message.

Send Money With Siri

If you’d like to send money using the iOS virtual assistant, it’s pretty easy to set up.

  • Alert Siri by either saying the wake word or using the device buttons.
  • Tell Siri to send a payment to a contact in your phone. For example, you could say “send ten dollars to Brian.” Keep in mind that if more than one payment app is installed, you’ll have to confirm that you’d like to use Apple Pay Cash.
  • Unlock your iPhone using Touch ID or the new Face ID to authenticate the payment.

These instructions cover the basics of getting started with Apple Pay Cash on your iPhone and iPad. When adding cash, you’ll need to add a minimum of $10 with each transaction, with an upper limit of $3000. After seven days, said limit stretches all the way up to $10000, so you should be able to use the app for almost all of your money transfer needs.

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