Get Space Eagles For Free on Angry Birds Space For iPhone & iPad

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Get Space Eagles For Free on Angry Birds Space For iPhone & iPad

Rovio’s Angry Birds Space is the newly launched game from the Angry Birds series. And like its predecessors, this new version of game is also very addictive. In this short tutorial, you will learn how to get unlimited amount of free Space Eagles in Angry Birds Space for iPhone and iPad. But, Hold On! there is a requirement for it – that your iDevice must be jailbroken.

Space Eagles are basically tools that helps you to pass a particular level when you are stuck, and these Eagles are an in-app purchase. If you want to skip a level, that’s where Space Eagles can come to your rescue. But the problem is that this is a paid feature and you need to pay to skip a level. But not anymore, as we can do this for free, the only three requirements are Jailbroken iPhone or iPad, Cydia and iAP Cracker.

Get Space Eagles For Free in Angry Birds Space

You need to have your iDevice jailbroken and Cydia installed in order to proceed further. Open Cydia and install iAP Craker. If you don’t see it in search results, then you will need to add a new source. For doing this, go to Manage > Sources > Sources and add a new source – Now you can search for iAP Cracker again and you will see the option to install it. Do so and then proceed further.

Sign-out of your account from App Store.  Its time to start the game. You need to unlock first 10 levels in order to unlock Space Eagles. If you are stuck on a level and want to skip that level then that’s where these Eagles can help you.

From the Start screen of Angry Birds Space, tap on Space Eagles icon. You will see the option to purchase Space Eagles. Tap on any of the four available options for e.g. on x80 which costs $2.99. Don’t worry you are not going to pay this amount thanks to iAP Cracker. The screen will load for sometime and then you will be redirected to the start page of this app. Now you can see that those 80 space eagles are added to your game.

Apply this trick whenever you are stuck on a level. Show-off your friends that you have completed the game with this small hack.

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