Soros Warns Ukraine Could Become A Giant Refugee Camp

Soros Warns Ukraine Could Become A Giant Refugee Camp

George Soros is not the only person concerned about what is going on in Turkey following the failed coup attempt last Friday.

The billionaire investor thinks that Ankara could soon strike up closer relations with Moscow, leaving Ukraine to play an increasingly important role in defending the European Union. Soros used an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera to warn that the refugee crisis would regain its previous intensity after a temporary reduction and that Europe is fighting a losing battle to preserve the status quo, according to a translation of an Italian publication by Sputnik News.

Soros’ cryptic comments spark speculation

Soros believes that migrants will continue to arrive at an increased rate, with Muslim immigrants beginning to make up a larger ratio of the population of Europe. He says that the migration crisis is one reason why the EU is in “mortal danger.”

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The investor also thinks that the failed coup could affect Turkey’s deal with the EU, in which Ankara attempts to keep the number of migrants down.

“One thing is clear,” Soros said. “Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now seeking some kind of reconciliation with Russia and Vladimir Putin. I do not know what his motives are. Perhaps he wants Turkey to become a balancing factor in relations between Russia and Europe. In any case, the agreement between the EU and Turkey is a very weak foundation on which to build the EU’s refugee policy.”



Ukraine as defender of European Union?

Soros thinks that Ukraine could have an important role to play. “The EU must defend itself from external enemies and recognize that Ukraine is the most important resource at its disposal for ensuring its security,” he said.

It may be that Soros meant using Ukraine for housing migrants, just as Turkey currently holds 2.6 million refugees.

In May Ukrainian President Poroshenko declared that “today it is us, Ukrainians, who are defending Europe from barbarism, defending it against the tyranny, terrorism, aggression, and militarism which hangs over our continent.”

“Soros,” said Svetlana Gomzikova, a columnist for Russia’s Svobodnaya Pressa online newspaper, “likely understands the ‘threat’ to Europe to consist of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. But how Ukraine will be able to save the Europeans from this phenomenon is completely incomprehensible.”

George Soros

Is Soros thinking about his money?

Political commentator Armen Gasparyan does not think that migrants would be easily accepted in Ukraine, where he says armed ultranationalist volunteer battalions have been infiltrated into security services. Gasparyan believes that Soros is protecting his investments.

“He has invested huge sums in Ukraine through his various [civil society] funds, going back all the way to the early 1990s. And the events of 2014 were a golden period for Soros – his Klondike,” he said. “How can Soros protect his assets? Only through promotion. Because there is nothing else for Ukraine to offer Europe today; its industry is destroyed, the country is in a dire economic and political situation, and continues to be in a state of war…What’s left? What’s left, forgive me for being rude, is to create a reservation.”

Although he does not provide much statistics regarding investments, how 2014 was a “golden period” or how these policies will lead to profit and why Soros thinks Ukraine is the best place to bet on right now.

Gasparyan believes that integration will be impossible due to cultural differences, and emphasized that Soros is most concerned by business. “What happens in Ukraine – in Poltava, Sumy, or Kherson, is not his concern. He’s not going to live there in twenty years, or have to sort through the ethnic clashes which would be guaranteed to take place there,” he said.

It also seems unlikely that such a scheme would come to pass. “Europe is already exhausted by Ukraine,” and will not be happy about paying Ukraine to keep refugees. “If the EU has no money for Italy, Portugal, Greece and others, where is it going to find money for Ukraine?” the commentator said.

We are less cynical – while we believe Soros (who donates tens of millions to various charities) is not looking to profit off of this, we still think that his well intended plan is dangerous and could backfire.

Below are a few more excerpts using Google Translate:

It has the impression that the migratory crisis is less severe this year, or entered a phase of calm only apparent?
“There is a temporary slowdown, because the Balkan route has been basically closed. But now we see new arrivals in Italy from various countries. Not only Libya, even Egypt or Turkey. There are extraordinarily large numbers and the Italian authorities do not seem particularly alarmed, partly because public opinion is basically well disposed towards migrants. But it would be a mistake to think that the situation will remain calm. “


Meanwhile, however, the Isis appears determined to destabilize Europe through France, making it increasingly attractive to many xenophobic slogans of Marine Le Pen. The Isis wants to help the Front National leader in the presidential?
“The Isis has claimed the massacre of Nice and its goal is to induce the government to extend the state of emergency that was about to expire. Marine Le Pen wants to also help to become President. Let me say what they want ones: they want to ensure that Muslims in France and Europe are treated as second-class citizens by the authorities and by the people, so that young Muslims are convinced that they have no ability or rights in Europe, and become so easy Isis recruits. “

Also see George Soros’ dire warning on the South China Sea

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