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Monday, November 29, 2021

Erik Prince Weighing Senate Bid While Tackling Chinese Security Challenge

EurasiaNet Analysis Erik Prince, the former chief of the controversial private security firm Blackwater, is evidently mulling a run for a US Senate seat. At...

The Feds Should Leave Gambling Policy To The States

In late 2011, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a memo in response to a federal court ruling that restricts its illegal, overly-broad interpretation...

Legalizing Opioids Would Dramatically Reduce Overdoses

In his Liberty Forum essay, Robert VerBruggen argues that the dramatic increase in opioid deaths in the United States over the past two decades...
Musk reckless behavior Tesla Model 3 Launch Event

Elon Musk Thinks We’re All Going To Die – Here’s His Plan To Escape...

251 million years ago, the Great Permian Extinction wiped out around 96% of Earth’s species. See this great opportunity Scientists call it “the great dying.”...
Veterans Affairs

Veterans’ Scandal-Ridden Health Care Is Still A Disaster

As an astute investor seeking reasonable profits, would you consider investing in an 88-year-old business with 380,000 employees in 1,831 facilities across the U.S.,...

Ukraine And Chinese Investment: Caution Amid Potential?

A EurasiaNet Partner Post from: FPRI As Ukraine’s recent economic difficulties persist—the country registered a modest growth rate of 2.3% in 2016, and painful IMF-mandated reforms...
Net Neutrality

Mad About Net Neutrality And EpiPens? Blame Regulations

Following the mid-December vote to repeal net neutrality, the FCC has just issued their final version of the new policy. While the final proposal does...
Federal budget deficit

“We Choose Debt…” A Theory On Presidential Elections

I’ve long held a working theory that US voters are completely predictable in Presidential elections. The idea is that Americans almost invariably tend to swing...
criminal offense The Flat One, iPad, President Trump

IDT – Avert Coming Danger: Proven Way To Restore US Presidency

Whatever one's view of the Donald Trump presidency, high social tensions in the US and worldwide indicate this is a difficult and dangerous time...
Indian groom, 5 litre petrol, wedding gift

Hiking The Gas Tax Won’t Fix Trust Fund Waste

Taxpayers are used to bad ideas coming out of Washington. The nation’s capital is filled to the brim of half-baked, decades-old ideas that continually...
Product Boycott

Does Your Product Boycott Really Matter?

The recent release of the Paradise Papers to hundreds of journalists has shined a light on previously unknown business practices of companies like Nike,...
Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa May Be the Dumbest Politician Ever

Week before last, I told you about how the brand-new President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, made an impassioned speech calling for the confiscation...

Azerbaijan’s Pre-soviet Independence Embroiled In Post-soviet Polemics

In 1918, Azerbaijan became the first democratic and secular republic in the Muslim world. Called the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR), its creation marked a...
bitcoin price surge

Bitcoin – Money Or Madness?

In its 17th-century Gouden Eeuw (Golden Age), the United Provinces of the Netherlands rode high on a wave of self-confidence. The Dutch had thrown...
Trump's Solar Tariff

Trump’s Solar Tariff Confusion Creates An Opportunity

The solar sector is reeling from confusion, and stock prices are reeling right along with it. The time it has taken investors and traders...