General Motors To Hire 1,000 Workers For Its IT Center In Atlanta

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General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) decided to build its third IT Center in Atlanta, and the company is planning to hire 1,000 workers including software engineers, project managers, database experts and other positions, according to report from Detroit Free Press.

General Motors To Hire 1,000 Workers For Its IT Center In Atlanta

Randy Mott, chief information officer of General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) initiated the establishment of new IT centers for the car manufacturer. The objective of the project is to in-source around 90 percent of the IT work of GM.

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) only handled 10 percent of its own IT work before Mott joined the company in February last year.

Mott believes that it is important for the company to take direct control of a majority of its information technology efforts to prevent and eliminate the overlapping of complex network of software applications, databases, and IT systems. In addition, he is confident that GM would be able to expedite its own innovations and expedite the improvement of its vehicles by operating its own IT centers.

In a statement, Mott said, “We look to the Innovation Centers to design and deliver IT that drives down the cost of ongoing operations while continuously increasing the level and speed at which innovative products and services are available to GM customers. The IT Innovation Centers are critical to our overall GM business strategy and IT transformation.”

Last October, GM announced its plan to build a new software development center in Warren, Michigan and create 1,500 jobs.  Prior to that, the company launched its new software center in Austin, which is expected to hire 500 employees.

Furthermore, GM also said it would hire 3,000 employees from Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ), who previously did information technology work for the car manufacturer.

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