Galaxy S9 Vs iPhone X: Drop Test Results [VIDEO]

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With the release of Samsung’s latest flagship, many are wondering how it measures up to other industry hotshots like the iPhone X. While the majority of the conversation is focused around performance and features, some want to know how well phones hold up to a beating. A recent drop test compared the Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X in order to determine which phone held up the best when hitting a hard surface.

With how expensive flagships have become, it’s understandable that people are careful with this costly investment. However, considering how often we use our phones on a day-to-day basis, it’s a near-guarantee that the phone will take a spill at one point or another. There are some that are exceptionally careful with their phones and make sure to outfit it with the latest in case protection, but for those who are living dangerously without any sort of phone protection, which phone comes out on top when comparing the Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X in terms of durability below? The testers in the video below put that metric to the test in a Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X drop test.

EverythingApplePro has been on the ball in terms of videos and information regarding the Galaxy S9 release, and this most recent drop test is intended to compare the durability of the Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X.

The test was primarily to bring attention to the durability (or lack thereof) of the Galaxy S9, as we’ve already seen similar tests released for the iPhone X. Having the Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X drop test does give us a benchmark by which to understand how the phone holds up against the competition – especially against of the phones that poses the most serious threat to the Galaxy S9’s market dominance.

So the question is, how does the Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X drop test hold up? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look so hot for Samsung’s hottest phone. Although the company made use of stronger aluminum in the new Galaxy S9, it just can’t compete with the stainless steel chassis of the iPhone X and the extreme rigidity it provides. The Samsung phone immediately started to show signs of scuffing around the edges when dropped from just three feet, while the Apple iPhone X stood up pretty well despite repeated droppings.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S9 glass doesn’t hold up as well as the iPhone X either. Although it has a thicker design than the previous model, it still showed visible cracks when dropped from head height. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the iPhone X was also damaged – as would any glass phone dropped from a significant height. The fact remains that the iPhone X is the more durable phone, at the end of the day, and there’s video evidence to prove it.

Although a name like “EverythingApplePro” might suggest that the channel has some sort of bias in favor of Apple’s products, the video evidence doesn’t lie. Dropped from equal heights, it appears as if the Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X drop test tilts in favor of Apple.

With the release of the Galaxy S9, many were hoping that Samsung would threaten the dominance of the iPhone X. While Apple’s latest phone fell slightly short of expected sales figures, it still managed to snag the spot of the fastest selling iPhone in history – largely due to the increased performance and innovative FaceID technology. If there’s one company that poses a serious threat to Apple, it’s Samsung. As one of the most successful Android manufacturers with a track record of incredibly successful phones, many were looking forward to the possibilities a new Samsung S flagship could offer. However, the new phone falls short when comparing the Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X in more than just a drop test. The Galaxy S9 Plus, on the other hand, features superior performance when compared to the competition.

Overall, if you’re simply looking for the fastest phone on the market, it appears as if either the Galaxy S9 Plus or the iPhone X is your best bet. regardless of the less-than-spectacular results of the Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X drop test, the S9 Plus remains one of the fastest Android phones on the market at this point in time and is certainly worth a second look.

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