Galaxy S8 To Have A Dual Camera, Hints Samsung Patent

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Samsung’s next-gen flagship smartphone, likely to be called Galaxy S8, is still several months away. The rumor mill has claimed in the past that the Galaxy S8 could feature a dual-camera system. Sony and Samsung’s own subsidiary are speculated to supply sensors for the dual-camera. Now a patent filed by Samsung on September 13 in South Korea supports these rumors, according to Android Headlines.

Is Samsung planning to change its camera interface?

The 15-page patent document describes a camera interface with single-finger zoom control. Android Headlines believes that Samsung is trying to improve the digital zoom control because the S8 will sport a dual-camera on the back. A dual-camera system combines images taken from two different sensors to reduce the effects of optical distortion in a single lens, and deliver better quality images.

Apple’s latest iPhone 7 Plus comes with a dual-camera system – which consists of a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. Though it is nowhere close to DSLR cameras, it has significantly closed the gap between smartphone cameras and DSLRs. Samsung is said to release the Galaxy S8 earlier than the traditional Galaxy S launch window, following the Galaxy Note 7 mass recall due to battery explosions.

VR will be Galaxy S8’s secret weapon

Earlier this week, leaked documents by a Samsung executive suggested that the Galaxy S8 will be powered by Exynos 8895 processor and ARM’s ultra-powerful Mali-G71 graphics chip. Mali-G71 is said to be about twice as powerful as Mali-T880. The monstrous processing power coupled with a 4K UHD display indicates that one of the biggest highlights of the Galaxy S8 will be virtual reality.

According to a leaked image posted on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, the S8 could feature a mini projector, 5th generation Corning Gorilla Glass, wireless charging, retina scanner, and a huge 6GB RAM. The device is rumored to have an 8MP front camera. Samsung is expected to release the S8 in February next year.

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