Galaxy Note 9 Rumors Suggest We’ll See More Of The Same

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While the Galaxy S9 has just released, many are already looking forward to the next flagship from the company in hopes that it will be a little more revolutionary. Unfortunately, new Galaxy Note 9 rumors suggest that we’ll be seeing more of the same from the Korean smartphone manufacturer.

New Galaxy Note 9 Rumors

We’re still quite a few months off from the release of Samsung’s next flagship, but the Galaxy Note 9 rumors are floating around the web in full force – and some of them seem quite reliable. This most recent leak comes from Slashleaks, which has a good reputation as far as information on new devices goes. The video, included below, depicts what is reportedly a screen protector for the Galaxy Note 9.

If you’re familiar with the Note 8, you should be able to tell from this screen protector that the Galaxy Note 9 rumors regarding a phone along the same lines as its predecessor have basically been confirmed.

It’s important to note that this isn’t an official announcement and there’s certainly a possibility that the Galaxy Note 9 rumors in their entirety are incorrect, but given the fact that we’ve seen very little variation from the same sort of formula from Samsung over the past few years combined with the slow but steady series of leaks we’re seeing regarding the Galaxy Note 9 rumors it seems pretty likely that they are true.

One change we might see that is worthy of note is the shrinking of the bezels both on the top and bottom of the device – potentially giving us more screen space when compared to the 8. However, all in all, it’s likely we’ll get a souped-up version of this generation’s phone which, while definitely an upgrade, is quite a safe play from Samsung.

While it may seem like it’s difficult to determine all of this from a simple smartphone screen protector, there’s a lot about the way it’s constructed that seems to add validity to the most recent Galaxy Note 9 rumors. For example, at the top of the phone, it’s pretty easy to tell that the notification light, IR scanner, proximity sensor, light sensor, front-facing camera and iris scanner will all be in pretty much the same place.

The inclusion of all this tech in the same areas pretty much confirms that we won’t be seeing some sort of FaceID type technology from Samsung this generation, but we’re eagerly awaiting information regarding potential new features we’ll see later this year.

While it’s certainly too late to do anything major in terms of design or features changes at this point, Samsung has to be disappointed with the sales of the S9 – sales that were largely influenced by the lack of innovation when compared to the radical change we saw from Apple. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Samsung needs to release their own version of FaceID, but once again establishing themselves as innovators would certainly help the company compete on equal footing with their biggest competitor.

Outside of these recent Galaxy Note 9 rumors, there has been precious little information as to what we can expect from the upcoming device. It is safe to say, however, that it will include some of the latest tech – a little bit of which we discuss below.

Galaxy Note 9 Rumors: Features And Release Date

While we don’t have a solid list of specifications for the phone at this point in time, we can take a look at past releases both from Samsung and competitors in order to get a sense of some of the features that will ship with the Note 9 upon launch.

It’s clear that Samsung has a reputation for power, and it’s safe to say we’ll see the implementation of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 – one of the most popular and most powerful smartphone chips on the market. There will also likely be comparable RAM to what we’ve seen with the S9 – a phone which, while certainly not as successful as Samsung would have hoped, is renowned for its performance.

It’s also safe to say we’ll see the stylus make an appearance once again. As a feature that makes the Note line different from its competitors, it may give it a tiny bit of an edge when compared to phones like the S9 as well as phones from the likes of Apple.

The AMOLED display will make a return once again, and all Galaxy Note 9 rumors point to Samsung continuing to establish their reputation as a global leader in display technology.

As far as a release date for phone goes, Galaxy Note 9 rumors and estimation based on previous years suggests we could get the full launch of the device as soon as late summer. Perhaps due to lackluster sales from the S9 as well as competition from other manufacturers.

We don’t have too long to wait until we see whether these Galaxy Note 9 rumors are true, but until we get more confirmation any information should be taken with a grain of salt. With that said, it’s looking like we should be prepared to keep our expectations in check when it comes time for the eventual announcement.

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