Galaxy Note 9 Leak: Is Samsung Purposely Leaking Its Products Earlier?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is just a few days away from its official launch, scheduled to be held in New York City on Aug. 9. Nevertheless, the South Korean tech giant seems too impatient to feature its new flagship model, as a preorder announcement for the Galaxy Note 9 was published on the company’s website six days before the actual launch. With this Galaxy Note 9 leak, we can’t help but wonder whether Samsung does this on purpose.

The page where the announcement was published reads, “Say hello to super power,” and also invites consumers to make their preorder of the device, being “one of the first to experience it.” At the time of writing this article, the page no longer exists. Fortunately, VentureBeat’s Evan Blass spotted it just in time for it to be noticed by everyone.

This would be thought to be a mistake if it was some other tech company that did this, or if Samsung did this for the first time, but it isn’t. Samsung is famous for leaking its own product releases early, and this Galaxy Note 9 leak is no exception. However, it seems that the preorder page in question is a part of the newsletter that Samsung sends to its fans in New Zealand. However, if the button would be clicked for the preorder, an error page would appear. That, of course, is because the Galaxy Note 9 is neither launched nor released for consumers to order it.

Pretty much the same as the predecessor

The photo from the Galaxy Note 9 leak shows pretty much everything that we’ve been previously assuming as unofficial leaks emerged. It looks a lot like its predecessor, Note 8. It has a headphone jack, a USB-C port, two rear cameras followed by a rear fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the front-facing part of the phone, although we are sure it doesn’t dramatically differ much compared to the Note 8. The phone is pictured in blue and alongside it is the yellow Bluetooth stylus.

Not the first leak

Not more than a week ago, Samsung “accidentally” leaked its new Galaxy Watch on its website. Back then, it looked quite accidental. However, Samsung removed the listing as soon as it was reported. Moreover, this is not where Samsung’s leaks end. In February, just before the Galaxy S9 debuted, Samsung “accidentally” leaked an entire launch video, introducing to all interested, its main features, just a day before the launch event for the device was held.

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