Galaxy Note 9 Fingerprint Sensor Likely To Be Integrated Within Display

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The Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint sensor is the focus of the latest rumors on the next-generation phablet. This has been a bone of contention in previous Samsung releases, with the placement of this key aspect of the device irritating in both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

It was thus surprising that there were no alterations to the location of the fingerprint sensor in the recent phablet release, meaning that many Samsung fans are hoping that the Galaxy fingerprint sensor is better placed.

Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint sensor rumors

Certainly there has been a raft of rumors in the press that either the Galaxy Note 9 or Apple iPhone range will feature an integrated fingerprint sensor sooner rather than later. And the latest rumors indeed suggest that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 could feature such a design.

Nonetheless, reports this week indicate that Samsung will reject the idea of integrating the fingerprint sensor within the display of the Galaxy S9, instead of delaying this technology for a Galaxy release later in 2018. This is interesting, as another report suggested that the mega-corporation from South Korea has already filed a patent for such technology.

Reports from Samsung’s native Korea indicate that a Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint sensor could indeed be integrated within the display of the device. This is due to the fact that the conglomerate has recently filed a potent with KIPRIS, the country’s patent office, for a pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint reader.

Galaxy Note 9 debut

This has obviously led to speculation that the technology could debut in one of the smartphone releases from the Samsung in 2018. However, followers of Apple news will know that the Californian corporation often submits patents for either technology or features that then never see the light of day. Just because Samsung has trademarked this particular innovation does not mean that it will necessarily even end up in any smartphone release, let alone the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9.

What makes this patent different though, and increases the likelihood that we will see a Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint sensor integrated within the display, is the fact that Samsung indeed wished to include this feature in its recent smartphone releases. This is already part of the public record, with the Korean corporation facing logistical difficulties that meant it needed to abandon this idea before the Galaxy S8 and and Galaxy Note 8 were released.

It is interesting to note as well that Apple has already tinkered with the idea of integrated fingerprint technology, but has decided against the idea due to similar technical difficulties. Whether this means that it is simply implausible at the time of writing is debatable, but what is for certain is that two of the most experienced and powerful mobile manufacturers in the world are struggling to successfully implement such a system.

However, the fact that both have patented technology means that the Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint sensor may indeed be integrated within the display. A recent tweet from a former Samsung executive pointed to this possibility, with the prominent individual suggesting that the feature will indeed be introduced when the Galaxy Note 9 is released.

Samsung policy

This indeed collates with previous Samsung policy, as over the last few years the Galaxy Note range has been utilized in order to introduce several new innovations. Central to these has been the introduction of curved screen technology, which later migrated to the flagship Galaxy S range as well. This has, of course, proved to be hugely successful for Samsung, with the concept of the curved display now becoming an industry standard.

Indeed, Samsung has become so associated with quality screen technology, particularly since it became the world’s largest seller of television units back in 2008, that even an outstanding display such as the one that was included in the Galaxy Note 8, can be considered somewhat underwhelming, as it did not deliver 4K resolution.

This is another potential feather in the cap of the Galaxy Note 9, with Samsung likely to ensure that it does embrace the 4K resolution that the Galaxy Note 8 ultimately shunned. There is certainly pressure on Samsung to release an outstanding Galaxy Note 9 unit in 2017, with two prevailing reasons ultimately driving this issue.

iPhone X motivation

We can anticipate that the Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint sensor may be a pressure-sensitive unit, as this would be a strong response to a powerful iPhone X release from Apple. Already the revolutionary smartphone from the great rival of Samsung is shifting rather rapidly, and this will put the ball very much in Samsung’s court for 2018.

Secondly, there is not quite the same need for Samsung to be cautious with the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Note 8 was always likely to place emphasis on durability and stability, after the disaster of the exploding Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has now re-established the Galaxy Note range as a stellar product series with the Galaxy Note 8, and can now concentrate on producing the most impressive smartphone possible with the Galaxy Note 9 generation.

With reports from Korea indicating that Samsung has successfully developed the pressure- sensitive technology required in-house, it seems that the Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint sensor could be the first from Samsung to be integrated within the display. If this is the case then it will be interesting to see whether Apple responds with its own integrated unit in the iPhone 9 generation.

Kuo speaks out

Ming-Chi Kuo, the infamous analyst with KGI Securities, also suggested earlier this month that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may come with “under-display optical fingerprint” sensor when it arrives in the stores in 2018. Certainly all the pieces are falling into place for a Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint sensor that really revolutionizes the phablet range.

Other enhancements aside from the fingerprint sensor and the display are likely to focus on the S Pen stylus, the camera included in the device, and some major spec increases.

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