Galaxy Note 8: What We Can Expect After Seeing Galaxy S8

Galaxy Note 8: What We Can Expect After Seeing Galaxy S8
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Samsung has unveiled its next generation flagship, the Galaxy S8, and now attention will turn to the Galaxy Note 8 phablet. The outcome of this device will be particularly fascinating, as the Galaxy Note 7 was obviously such a disaster for Samsung. Having been forced to recall the unit, there was speculation that Samsung could abandon the Galaxy Note range completely.

But the company has already confirmed that a Galaxy Note 8 device will indeed be released, so what can we expect from it now that we know the makeup of the Galaxy S8? Here are 11 solid suggestions for this next generation phablet.

Galaxy Note 8 to feature 4K resolution

With Samsung having increased the display resolution of the Galaxy S8, if the Galaxy Note 8 is to deliver a superior resolution, it simply must embrace 4K. This could mean that the Galaxy Note 8 will be the first ever device from Samsung to include 4K resolution as part of its portfolio of features. Samsung has become particularly associated with outstanding screen technology, not least because it is the world’s biggest seller of television sets, and thus there is always pressure on the Korean company to deliver something outstanding in this department. 4K resolution could be the solution for the Galaxy Note 8.

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Huge screen

Considering that the larger of the two Galaxy Note 8 devices is fitted with a 6.2-inch display, it is reasonable to assume that the Galaxy Note 8 will deliver a mammoth screen. If the phablet is to be satisfactorily distinguished from the Galaxy S8 range, it should have a larger screen than the Galaxy S8, meaning that this could be around 6.5-inches, or possibly even bigger.

Wraparound design

It would be extremely surprising if Samsung declined to migrate the wraparound design from the Galaxy S8 to the Galaxy Note 8 when it is released later this year. So expect to see an edge-to-edge display included in the Galaxy Note 8.

No flatscreen

The Galaxy S8 generation is notable for being the first major mobile release from Samsung without a flatscreen device. While this is not absolutely certain to be mirrored in the Galaxy Note 8 series, it does seem likely that Samsung is making a statement about the fashion, as it sees it, of screen technology. The display zeitgeist would suggest that there will indeed be no flatscreen Galaxy Note 8 when the device is unveiled.

S Pen improved

Considering that the S Pen stylus is one of the most obvious ways that the Galaxy Note device can be distinguished from its Galaxy S8 cousin, it would make sense for Samsung to significantly improve the S Pen in the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8. An integrated speaker system has been linked with the S Pen in some quarters, and it now seems likely that this could materialize in the Galaxy Note 8 generation.

RAM increase

With Samsung having frozen the RAM memory included in the Galaxy S8, it is possible that we will see a major upgrade to the quantity included in the Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy S8 was strongly linked with 6GB of memory before its release, although this dampened down as the release date neared. But we could now see Samsung include 6GB of RAM in the Galaxy Note 8 when it hits the stores.

Home button removed

Samsung has bitten the bullet and removed the Home button from the Galaxy S8, as was indeed widely anticipated by analysts. Not only has Samsung been linked with this revolutionary design mechanism, but Apple is also expected to remove the Home button from the iPhone 8 later this year. This would suggest that there will be no Home button included with the Galaxy Note 8 when it is released.

Camera upgrade

One possible disappointment with the Galaxy S8 has been the lack of a tangible camera upgrade. Samsung could choose to rectify this with the Galaxy Note 8, and particularly improve the megapixel rating of the snapper. Possibly we could see a 16-megapixel unit included with the Galaxy Note 8, as Samsung has become more conservative with massively upgrading specs, instead choosing to concentrate on certain revolutionary aspects.

More storage

Samsung declined to increase the storage included in the Galaxy S generation with the Galaxy S8, and thus the consumer electronics giant may instead consider this with the Galaxy Note 8. We can still expect a micro SD card slot to be included with this handset, but Samsung may boost the native memory in the Galaxy Note 8 to 128GB.

VR focus

The 360-degree functionality included in the Galaxy S8 camera is particularly viable for virtual reality technology, according to the head of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh. There is an interesting battle between Apple and Samsung in this department, with the former staking its reputation and commercial future on augmented reality, at least according to the CEO Tim Cook.

Samsung, meanwhile, is seemingly seriously invested in virtual reality and its potential, with specific reference being made to this at the launch of the Galaxy S8. We can thus expect the Galaxy Note 8 to build on the functionality included in its Galaxy S8 cousin, and possibly deliver a more viable virtual reality product.

Headphone jack

While Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone series, probably permanently, Samsung opted to retain this feature when the Galaxy S8 was unveiled. This suggests that the Korean company has made a conscious decision to plow a loan furrow on this matter, and may retain the headphone jack when the Galaxy Note 8 is released.

Whether this represents Samsung attempting to deliver something markedly different to Apple, whether there are logistical reasons for its retention of the headphone jack, or whether it simply believes that a wireless replacement for this feature is not worthwhile is not really known. Whether it is a big statement or not, expect the headphone jack to appear in the Galaxy Note 8.

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