Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Orders In India Starting From September 11

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Fans of the Galaxy Note 8 that live in India won’t have to wait much longer to be able to place their order for the new device from Samsung. Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders in India will begin around the start of next month.

Image: Samsung / Flickr

According to recent news, Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone will be ready to pre-order for those in India on September 11th. It is also being reported that Amazon will be the exclusive online retailer of the Galaxy Note 8 in India. Hopefully, by partnering with an established online retailer like Amazon, Samsung can ensure the Indian release of the Galaxy Note 8 goes smoothly.

Pricing was also revealed for those in India who want to get their hands on the device. The Galaxy Note 8 is being priced at the same price point as the Galaxy S8+ launch price. People will be able to place their Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders in India for Rs. 74,900. The Galaxy S8+ got a price cut to put some space between its cost and the cost of the Galaxy Note 8. So, if you live in India and you have been looking at the Galaxy S8+ then now is a good time to buy.

While Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders in India will begin on September 11th, the device won’t actually be available until the first week of October. It appears that India might be lagging behind some other areas of the world in terms of release date. It’s not immediately clear why this is. Perhaps there is something delaying the release in that country or maybe it can be chalked up to a simple logistics issue. I doubt Samsung will offer an explanation but it would be interesting to see why India has to wait until October for their local launch of the Galaxy Note 8.

In any case, the wait will be well worth it. The Galaxy Note 8 promises to be one of this year’s most powerful smartphones and should be a hot seller once the release date finally arrives. In India, as well as other international markets, the Galaxy Note 8 will be running Samsung’s Exynos 8895 processor with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage.

Of course, one of the most exciting features in the Galaxy Note 8 is the camera. The camera has been improved in the Galaxy Note 8 and this feature alone will surely help drive Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders in India. This is Samsung’s first attempt at a dual camera sensor. On paper, the specs look amazing. Of course, real world performance is always the ultimate test. However, based on specs, the Galaxy Note 8 should challenge the iPhone 7 Plus to become one of the best smartphone cameras on the market today. With additional features like optical image stabilization and Samsung’s own version of Portrait Mode; there’s lots to love about the Galaxy Note 8 camera.

If you’re still on the fence about buying the Galaxy Note 8 then be sure to check out our infographic which takes a lot at a lot of the features of this hot new device from Samsung. So far, pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 8 have gone very well. Samsung has to be happy with the numbers considering how bad last year’s launch of the Galaxy Note 7 went. With many international markets, including India, still waiting to place pre-orders, it would seem like the Galaxy Note 8 is already a huge success for Samsung.

Since Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders in India don’t open until September 11th; users in that country will have some more time to think over their decision. Perhaps some new iPhone 8 rumors in the meantime will sway their decision. If not, the Galaxy Note 8 will be launching in India sometime in the early part of October.

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With news of Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders in India coming out, we wanted to know if you have gone ahead and pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 8 yet. If not, are you planning on getting the device or will you wait to see what Apple and Google have up their sleeve this fall? Let us know!

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