Galaxy Note 7: The Broken Promises Of Samsung To Affected Customers

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Samsung’s epic disaster Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled twice, and its production has been permanently discontinued. There have been close to a hundred cases of the Note 7 overheating and catching fire. The Note 7 explosions have caused some serious injuries and property damages to owners. However, consumers whose Note 7s caught fire are complaining that Samsung is not doing enough to compensate for their damages.

They regret buying Galaxy Note 7

In many instances, the explosions damaged the owners’ furniture, garage, carpets, and other items. Many Galaxy Note 7 owners have criticized the way they have been treated by Samsung. John Barwick from Marion, Illinois told the Guardian that his wife’s device exploded on a nightstand on September 8. The fire damaged the nightstand, mattress, curtains, and many other items.

John Barwick estimated that it would cost him about $9,000 to replace the damaged items. He contacted Samsung in less than an hour after the fire started. The Korean company promised to call him back within 24 hours, but they never did. Barwick called them again, and eventually Samsung’s insurance firm Samsung Fire & Marine told him that it won’t pay replacement costs for any damaged items. Samsung offered to pay a depreciated value of the damaged items, though.

Samsung primarily worried about retrieving the damaged phone

Another Galaxy Note 7 owner, Wesley Hartzog from South Carolina, had to stay at a friend’s place after the device explosion damaged his garage, lawnmower, bicycles, and other items. Hartzog, along with his wife and two daughters, later stayed in hotels at his own expense as the investigation continues, reports the Guardian. A Samsung employee had promised that the company would move him into a hotel and pay for his meals. But it didn’t happen. A month later, he and his family are living in a temporary condo provided by Samsung.

Samsung needed to be more compassionate towards affected Note 7 owners. The company has chosen to stick to the letter of insurance cover, rather than doing what is right. If the Korean company wants to win back the trust of consumers, it has to do whatever it takes to treat them fairly and keep them happy.

Samsung staff worried ahead of performance review

According to Korean publication Korea JoongAng Daily, about one million Galaxy Note 7 customers are yet to replace their devices. The Note 7 has been banned by so many aviation regulators that Samsung has been setting up stalls at airports where customers can swap their phablets or seek a refund before boarding their flights.

Samsung employees are worried that their work over the year might not be rewarded at the company’s annual performance review in December. Sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that tensions are sky high among employees as the annual performance review comes on the heels of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. And the worse thing is that Samsung staff have been unable to find the cause of the fire in replacement units that shipped with safe batteries.

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