Galaxy Note 7 Explodes In The Hands Of A 6-Year-Old Boy

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The issue of exploding Galaxy Note 7  has become increasingly serious, with more incidents occurring every day. Samsung has confirmed at least 35 incidents of exploding devices since their launch. The phone was initially very popular and lauded by customers, but this setback has been an embarrassing one for the South Korean company.


Galaxy Note 7 – Failed Recall

Despite Samsung announcing a world wide recall on all of these androids, not all customers have returned their smartphones. In the last few days alone, Samsung has been responsible for a house fire, an explosion in a car, and a phone exploding in the hands of a user.

The latest Galaxy Note 7 related incident involves a 6-year-old boy who was watching a video on the device when it exploded in Brooklyn, New York.

The boy’s grandmother, Linda Lewis, explained to the The New York Post that “The boy was watching videos on the phone when the battery exploded.” She added that the explosion was so loud that it set off the alarms of her house. The boy is now too afraid to go near other devices, terrified after the incident. He suffered burns from the explosion and was rushed to the Downstate Medical Center after his distraught family called 911 after the accident.

Lewis explained that “he’s home now”, but too afraid to go near other phones, and that “he has been crying to his mother” continuously since coming home.

The family has contacted Samsung about the explosion but gave no further concrete details on the matter.

Reaction from Samsung and the CPSC

On Friday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission asked all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners to “power them down and stop charging or using” their smartphones. Samsung has since confirmed that they are working with the CPSC to recall all Galaxy Note 7s. Samsung was criticized for not initially working with the CPSC with the recall in the United States.

A statement from Samsung urged all Galaxy Note 7 owners to switch off the device and bring them to their nearest retailer for an exchange. Samsung are now offering all customers a replacement for faulty Galaxy Note 7s as they dispatch safe units, with Australia to receive its first batch of safe replacements next week.

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