Galaxy Note 6 Weibo Leaks Suggest Monster 6GB RAM

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The Galaxy Note 6 could be the standout device from Samsung in 2016, even though the Galaxy S7 retains flagship status. Samsung has chosen to pack the Galaxy Note range with outstanding specifications in recent years, and this is certainly expected to continue when the Galaxy Note 6 is released.

Weibo leaks Galaxy Note 6 specs

And the micro-blogging site Weibo has provided some information about this forthcoming smartphone, which suggests that Samsung will once again bump up its capabilities. In particular, Weibo suggested that the Galaxy Note 6 will have a significantly larger display than the previous unit in the series, with Samsung increasing its size to 5.8-inches.

But the news that will particularly grab the attention of Android fans is the fact that the Galaxy Note 6 is being linked with 6GB of RAM memory. While it is reasonable to expect some increase in this department, a 2GB jump from the last generation Galaxy Note 5 would be pretty surprising and impressive. With Samsung possibly contemplating including 4K resolution in this next generation phablet, the more memory that can be included in the device, the better for the functioning of the handset.

Camera technology

Other leaks indicate that the Galaxy Note 5 will sport a 12-megapixel camera, and considering the recent information that has emanated regarding the Galaxy S7, we can also make certain presumptions about the snapper. It has been widely reported that Samsung will include the innovative BRITECELL technology in the Galaxy S7, and it seems reasonable to assume that this will also migrate to the Galaxy Note 6.

This would mean that the Galaxy Note 6 would inherit the improved shooting in low-light conditions that is already being linked with the Galaxy S7. This would be a massive step forward over previous mobile photography, as this has been a persistent difficulty for all smartphone cameras. Leaks also suggest that the Galaxy Note 6 will embrace the Sony IMX377 sensor that is included in the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6.

Two processors

The leaks also suggest that there will be two separate processors utilized in the Galaxy Note 6, something that has been reported frequently elsewhere. This suggests that there will be both a Snapdragon and an Exynos version of the Galaxy Note 6, with the former more likely to retail in the Western marketplace. The Snapdragon 820 and the Exynos 8890 are rumored for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and these could also appear in the Galaxy Note 6, although the processing capabilities of the device are likely to be souped-up in comparison to the smart phone-sized Galaxy S7.


In terms of storage, it is believed that Samsung will opt for 64GB and 128GB models when the Galaxy Note 6 is released. This would seemingly confirm that Samsung will not embrace micro SD with this next generation phablet. Many people are hoping that this technology is included in the Galaxy S7 when it releases in the next week or so, but it would not really be necessary in the phablet should Samsung include a 128GB version. By contrast, the latest reports suggest that Samsung will reduce the Galaxy S7 to a sole 32GB version, enabling expansion of storage to be achieved via optional micro SD.

Battery size unknown

One area where the leaks do not give any indication regarding the Galaxy Note 6 is with the size of the battery. Considering that the Galaxy S7 Edge is seemingly being bumped up to 3,600mAh, There will be pressure on the Korean corporation to similarly upgrade the battery of the Galaxy Note 6. This could see the next generation phablet include a battery in excess of 4,000mAh capacity.

Release date

With Samsung having pushed forward the release date of the Galaxy S7 in 2016, it is possible that the corporation will also follow suit with the Galaxy Note 6. With the last generation device having been made available in August, it is possible that Samsung will thus unveil the Galaxy Note 6 in July.


Previous images of the Galaxy Note 6 have suggested that Samsung will continue with the high-end metal and glass design that it has popularized in previous units. Samsung suffered some negative reviews for the design of some of its devices over the last few years, but the corporation seems to have learned from this, and has now settled on a more sophisticated visage for its premium handsets that appeals to both consumers and critics alike.


It is strongly believed that the Galaxy Note 6 will incorporate both an iris scanner for improved security, while retaining the fingerprint sensor from previous devices. Mobile security is an increasingly sensitive subject, and the fact that Android is well known to be considerably more vulnerable to malware and other security issues than the competing Apple iOS operating system will help focus Samsung’s attention on this subject.

Operating system

There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 6 will run Google’s newest Android 6.0 Marshmallow software, and Samsung’s custom TouchWiz UI will also doubtless feature.

Another interesting innovation that has been linked with the Galaxy Note 6 is the potential for the device to offer a dual-operating system. This will be part of the makeup of the Galaxy Note 6 in order for the device to transform into a dual-purpose netbook and smartphone, complete with optional docking station. There has been no confirmation that the Galaxy Note 6 will indeed come bundled with full Windows capabilities, but it is certainly an interesting and tantalizing rumour.


There is no word yet on what the Galaxy Note 6 will retail at, with Samsung probably still setting this internally. Production cost will undoubtedly come into the equation, but it is doubtful whether Samsung is in a position to significantly increase the price of the Galaxy Note 6, considering the financial state of the company. Samsung has been forced to endure several consecutive quarters of declining profits, and is being pretty much dominated by Apple in the premium smartphone marketplace. This suggests that the corporation will freeze the price of the Galaxy Note 6 from the last generation device when it is released.

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