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As promised recently (and again twice and again and again – were on a role!) we are updating/cleaning etc the investor resource pages on a regular basis. This week, we’ve cleaned up and updated the Francis Chou Resource Page.

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Below is a partial excerpt from both pages followed by link to each full page, which can also be found under Value investors tab on the top of the page or via link->

Brief excerpt below:

Investment Philosophy

Chou’s investment Philosophy can best be summed up in two words “Buy Bargains”. Of course, buying bargains is no simple matter. Chou can best be categorized as a value investor. Some people have called him a bottom fisher; however, he will typically look for stocks that display the following characteristics:

  • Above-average to excellent companies as measured by high ROE in excess of 15 percent sustained over 10 years or more.
  • Companies run by skillful managers as measured by good controls maintained on receivables, inventory and fixed assets.
  • Prudent deployment of capital as measured by a company’s capital expenditures, judicious acquisitions, and timely buybacks of its depressed shares.
  • A stock price which is far lower than what a knowledgeable rational buyer would pay.

See full page here.

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