The iPhone X Is Fragile And Susceptible To Breaking

The iPhone X Is Fragile And Susceptible To Breaking
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The iPhone X was recently released after considerable anticipation, and with the handset incorporating an OLED display and Face ID, it has been referred to as the phone of the future.

Having received generally favorable reviews, the iPhone X is positioned as a prominent force in the smartphone market for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems that should be brought to your attention. iPhones have often broke far too easily under duress, but with the iPhone X users were expecting increased durability from a screen that doesn’t break too easily.

Prior to contrary belief, the glass screen used makes the iPhone X breakable, perhaps even more so than ever. Following many drop tests on the handset, insurance company SquareTrade claims the iPhone X is highly breakable, and most expensive to repair of any iPhone Apple has released. Though this doesn’t detract for the incredible features on the next-generation device, it does mean that users will have to be extra careful to preserve the screen.

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After a series of six drop tests were planned, the iPhone X faced catastrophe on the first drop, proving the handset is fragile and must be carefully looked after. What makes the iPhone X breakable is its thin screen, which to capitalize on a stunning and vibrant visual display must be made from compromising material.

Though what the phone loses in protection it makes up for in functionality, it seems the breakability issues that have surrounded Apple for years remain. The handset did however pass the water dunk test, able to survive for thirty minutes under five feet of water. When the phone was dropped from a reasonable height, the screen shattered completely and became unresponsive, while the facial recognition feature failed completely.

If you’re a consumer whose prone to breaking phones, then you’ll certainly have to address your demeanor with this handset. Either it isn’t for you, or you’ll have to be careful to avoid breakages. But is the breakability issue as bad as SquareTrade has made out?

It’s important to remember SquareTrade is a gadget insurance company, so news of the iPhone being easily broken will generate more business for SquareTrade, especially after they’ve instilled fear in the public. Their plan is worth $129 for two years, or $159 for three years, and with this news surfacing, they’re set to earn considerably from insurance plans which are much cheaper than Apple’s.

Above all else, one of the most important ways to counter what makes the iPhone X breakable is to invest in a protective case. By spending more on protection, you will greatly reduce the likelihood of the screen breaking, ensuring you cover yourself sufficiently.

I hope you have found this article on what makes the iPhone X breakable useful. If you are a current owner of the handset, or are expecting to get your hands on one soon, remember to buy a good protective case. This will create an invaluable peace of mind, and provide protection in the event of an emergency.

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