Fox Business is Now beating CNBC in Prime-time Viewership

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Rupert Murdoch is now winning with his bet on TV business news. Last week for first time in history, FOX Business Network’s signature business programming beat CNBC in total viewership.  FBN’s “Lou Dobbs’s Tonight” beat competitor “The Kudlow Report” of CNBC in the 7pm EST hour, 154,000 to 136,000 for the week in average the total viewers.

Lou Dobbs handily beat Larry in the 7pm EST hour, 154,000 to 136,000 when you average the total viewers M-F.

Each show runs for one hour, and is the prime time slot for the network. Younger viewers (25-54), are one of the key demographics, which have contributed to Dobb’s success.

This ratings victory comes only three weeks after Lou Dobbs’ one-year anniversary at FBN, which he celebrated with a win in the demo (45,000 v. 38,000) for the week of 3/5/2012. He then topped Kudlow in this coveted advertising demographic (ages 25-54) for both the weeks of 3/19 and 4/2.

Lou’s 1 year anniversary at FBN was 3/19, so 3 weeks of wins in the demo, and now 1 week of wins with the overall victory over CNBC.

The real kicker? CNBC is in 30 million more homes than the 4 ½ year old FBN.

There is no doubt that FBN has a long road ahead, but with a ratings win like this, CNBC may soon need to change their slogan to “Second in Business World Wide”

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