Fox Business Dobbs Beats CNBC’s Kudlow Report 5 Months Running

Fox Business Dobbs Beats CNBC’s Kudlow Report 5 Months Running
By Fox News Channel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Fox Business Network (FBN) Lou Dobbs’ vehicle, Lou Dobbs Tonight, has beaten its top rival, CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, for the fifth consecutive month in ratings in the key demographic, that between 25 and 54. In a recent memo, from CNBC parent to employees, covering the entire company, CNBC was entirely ignored, pointing to possible trouble at the network.

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Fox Business Dobbs Beats CNBC's Kudlow Report 5 Months Running

In January, the Dobbs show was watched by an average of 33,000 people, versus 27,000 for the CNBC show. That’s a 27 percentgap in the key demographic. The story has be similar for the last five months running. In September, the first month of the current run, Dobbs beat Kudlow by a margin of 33 percent, with 33,000 watching Kudlow and 44,000 watching Dobbs on average.

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October’s margin was even a bigger gain for Dobbs beat out the competition by 89 percent, 53,000-29,000. November saw a 45,000-40,000 beating, or 13 percent, and December saw 47,000 views watch Dobbs on average, versus 30,000 people watching Kudlow, a difference of 57 percent. Over the five-month period, Dobbs is beating Kudlow by around 40 percent.

The 25-54 demographics is the most important for most television because it’s where most spending comes from, and as a consequence it’s the target for most advertising dollars. The fact that Dobbs has beaten Kudlow in the demographic for so many months running means that more advertisers will be convinced to send their money toward Fox Business Network, rather than CNBC.

Fox Business Network has been gaining on CNBC for some time, and the prime time slot that Kudlow and Dobbs occupy is one of the most hotly contested in the market. If CNBC continues to lose out on viewers, it will lose out on advertising dollars.

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