Former Apple Top Exec, Late Steve Jobs’ House Robbed

Former Apple Top Exec, Late Steve Jobs’ House Robbed
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Former Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Chief Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto North California home has fallen victim to a burglary attack. Though the burglary attack took place earlier in July 17th, subsequent details about the attack have just started streaming in now.

Former Apple Top Exec, Late Steve Jobs' House Robbed

Apparently, a 35 year old, Kariem McFarlin allegedly broke into the late Job’s house back in July, and walked away with personal items and computers worth more than $60000. While details are not yet clear as to whether the authorities have recovered the loot, arrests have been made. Kariem was arrested on August 2nd, and is now in police custody with a cash bail of $500,000. He will make a visit to the court room on August 20th for another plea.

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Tom Flattery, Santa Clara Deputy District Attorney, noted that Kariem could face close to seven years and eight months in jail, if he is convicted of his crime. Flattery also pointed out that the said term would include a one year enhancement for what was described as ‘excessive taking of property’.

McFarlin, who was arrested in Alameda, was considered by Flattery to be unaware of the significance of the home. This assumption makes sense, especially after considering the fact that burglaries in the area have increased by 63 percent. McFarlin probably never knew the owner of the home and was just out to make his usual loot. At the time of McFarlin’s alleged burglary, the Palo Alto home was undergoing reconstruction and renovations with price tags of more than $31000.

While Flattery has shared insight on the story, he has not given any clues as to what direction the case may take. In fact, he has been very selective in his choice of words, and has been very careful not to reveal any crucial information. He even declined to reveal the trail of events that led to the ultimate arrest.

Jobs’ love for media

If only Steve loved Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) the way he loved the media, I suppose we would have one big happy tech family, wouldn’t we?

Although it can not be helped, the late Jobs entertained a passion for the media. Having made the news on several occasions after his demise, this latest story pulls Jobs into another headline.

Who owns $60000 worth of computers and personal items in just one of their dozen homes?  The home was not a computer storage room, was it? It appears as if Jobs made exhaustive use of the perks attached to his top position at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).

I am sure that the tech community will bubble with diverging opinions about the worth of computers and personal property that happened to be in a home linked to Jobs. Prosecutor Flattery however declined to confirm whether the house was directly registered under Jobs or under another family member.

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