25 countries best at attracting foreign talent

25 countries best at attracting foreign talent

Countries are only getting more competitive and, like companies, want to attract the best foreign workers. What countries do people want to move to if they choose to work abroad? Some are better than others not only at attracting talent to come to them, but also retaining the talent.

Switzerland is commonly known as a country that seems to have the recipe figured out. But who follows? KDM Engineering pulled data from the United Nations and the Global Talent Competitiveness Index to see how countries compete for their talent.

Switzerland takes the top spot of the 25 countries listed. Drawing people from Germany, France, Austria, the UK and the U.S. more than any other countries.

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Singapore came in second, ranking the best out of all countries for enabling and attracting talent. The U.S. was able to land the fourth spot and has over 46 million migrants.

With 249,325 total foreign workers, Luxembourg takes the seventh with being the second best country for attracting foreign workers, and the third for retaining it. Most of their migrants originate from France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is the top country for growth. With nearly 2 million migrants it lands as the 11th best country on the list.

Americans are relocating all over the globe for work. The U.S. is one of Iceland’s top feeder countries for workers. After the United Kingdom, the U.S. is Ireland’s second top feeder country. France, Luxembourg and Sweden are the only countries on the list to not have the U.S. as a top feeder for their country.

HSBC ranked the best countries for career-driven expats. Similarly, Switzerland won the top nod there as well. Germany came in second in their report, but landed in the 17th spot from KDM Engineering’s ranking.

Norway, recently crowned the happiest country in the world, rounded out the top five from HSBC’s rankings, and landed the number 10 stop from KDM Engineering.

Countries have a lot to compete with against one another. There are many factors when looking at why someone leaves or stays in a country for work. To see people moving to the country they neighbor to across the world shows the vast differences in competitiveness and desires people are looking for.

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