Tesla Competitor Analysis: Reviews Of The Ford Mustang Mach-E

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Whitney Tilson’s email to investors discussing 7 top YouTube reviews of the Ford Mustang Mach-E; Tesla, trading at $650, gets $90 price target from JPMorgan; Volkswagen board backs CEO’s electric-car focus; cool chart.

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Ford Mustang Mach-E Reviews

1) From a friend:

I summarize the seven YouTube reviews of the Ford Mustang Mach-E by the top car reviewers in the world:

Alex Dykes:

  • It’s as good as the Jaguar i-Pace, except less expensive.
  • It’s extremely similar to Tesla Model Y, except a little better here and there.
  • He doesn’t like the sunroof.  Too much sun; would like to block.
  • Range estimates likely conservative, unlike Tesla which is rated very aggressively.

Tom Voelk:

  • He likes most everything about it, except the Mustang name.
  • Real-world range seems to match Tesla Model Y, despite the difference in rating.

Lauren Fix:

  • She doesn’t like that it’s called a Mustang, because it’s electric.
  • She prefers the feel and sound of the classic V8 rumble, so the Mach-E is no good.
  • She doesn’t like the seating position, which is too high inside the cabin.
  • She likes the quality construction, quality interior and general fit and finish.

Doug DeMuro:

  • Quirks and features: Nobody finds them like Doug DeMuro.
  • He likes most everything about it, except how the front trunk opens and closes.
  • He absolutely loves the handling and steering.
  • He thinks it beats the Tesla Model Y in almost every way.

Micah Muzio:

  • He doesn’t like the brake feeling, but likes most everything else.

Andrew Krok:

  • He is generally positive, but not a fan of the brake feeling.
  • He loves the setting menu in the big screen.  Others pointed that out too.

Alistair Weaver:

  • He loves the steering and handling.
  • Better ride quality than the Tesla Model Y.
  • He doesn’t like the brake feeling.
  • This version of the Mach-E is rated at 270 miles, but he managed 304 miles.
  • Ford is beating Tesla to legal hands-free driving.
  • He would pick it over the Tesla Model Y.

2) Tesla, Trading at $650, Gets $90 Price Target From JPMorgan

3) Volkswagen Board Backs CEO’s Electric-Car Focus

4) Cool chart: