How To Fix The iOS 8.4 Battery Life Issue

How To Fix The iOS 8.4 Battery Life Issue

Apple released the iOS 8.4 earlier this week. Though the new update brought some new features and improvements such as the long-awaited Apple Music and a revamped Music app, it also brings some problems with it. Even though the iOS 8.4 is just a couple of days old, iDevice users have already started complaining about the battery drain issue.

iOS 8.4 draining 60% battery in an hour

A lot of users have blamed Apple Music for the problem. Some iOS 8.4 users claim to be losing 60% battery capacity in less than an hour. Battery life issues are quite common after an iOS update. But this time Apple Music is specifically being blamed for the issue, and it may prove to be a big blow to Apple’s new streaming service. Note that not all users are experiencing the issue.

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If you have already downloaded the latest iOS update and you are experiencing the battery drain issue, you may have to adjust your phone’s settings. The first thing to do is check your apps running in the background. There may be a rogue app sucking your phone or tablet’s battery life. As far as Apple Music is concerned, streaming services can be a huge drain on the battery life.

If none of these works, downgrade to iOS 8.3

Head over to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to see apps that are draining the most battery. If you notice something unusual, update that app, reinstall it or completely remove it. You may also consider limiting the activity of apps in the background. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn it off for individual apps.

Alternatively, you may consider storing your songs locally. Streaming music over 4G LTE consumes a lot of battery power, whether it’s Apple Music, Spotify or any other service. If you are in a poor coverage area, turn on the Airplane Mode to save battery. If the problem still persists or you believe that the iOS 8.4 is the real culprit, you may downgrade to iOS 8.3.

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