The Five Best Apps For Financial Analysts

The Five Best Apps For Financial Analysts
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Life of one financial analyst can be very stressful. Finance analysis usually implies the analyzing stocks and bonds, managing money, producing financial plans etc. No matter is it a small firm or a large corporation, every financial analyst have certain responsibilities and burden. Since finances in general are inevitable part of our work and personal lives, no wonder that developers of mobile apps put their efforts to build the mobile finance apps that can help financial professionals cope with everyday tasks.

In the line with that, we tried to pull out our top 5 choice of finance apps that every financial analyst should try:

TeleTrade Analytics is perfect app for those financial analysts who deal with stocks, and other securities, and generally for all finance professionals who work on the stock market. This app gives the latest quotes and market analysis from the famous TeleTrade. It also shows a summary of the upcoming market events and gives reviews to the events that are related to the stock, raw and currency markets. TeleTrade Analytics app also provides their users with the interest rates and quotes for all major currencies. This app is a good choice for every financial analyst because it will deliver finance alerts and market analysis and help him stay informed.

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Budget Boss takes care of the finances by predicting the future balance automatically. It can be seen as a cash-flow visualization app that gives users a complete picture of their finances. It can be used by both financial analysts and regular people who want to manage their money in a clever way. Balance Boss is handy for short-term balance predictions as well as the long-term. By relying on this app every financial analyst can become a fortune teller, predicting the future budget of the company.

PDF to Word helps financial analysts manage their financial documents on the go. It converts PDF files to editable Word format and enables users reuse and edit old documents. PDF to Word converter also has an option to convert files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Gmail and One Drive. The app is particularly convenient for extracting financial data locked in a PDF.

uValue is a corporate valuation app that helps financial analysts value firms’ finances by relying on the “weighted average cost of capital” approach, the dividend growth model and the “adjusted present value approach. uValue also has a set of features to value bonds calculate cost of capital, predict exchange rates and other tasks that every finance professional cope with.

CashFlow is not a regular productivity app, it’s actually a game. It deserves to be on this list because it can help financial analysts chill out and relax a bit considering how stressful their life is. At the same time the app is good for practising money management skills. CashFlow game is perfect for improving investment techniques and strategies in a fun way.

Have you already tried any of these mobile finance apps? If so, share with us your best practices and insights.

Article by Sandra Rodgers

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