For Every female billionaire There are Over 8 Male Billionaires

For Every female billionaire There are Over 8 Male Billionaires

Over the course of time, we’ve seen women break through all kinds of barriers, from gaining the right to study, to gaining the power to vote. Yet despite all of this progress, in today’s day and age there is still a significant gender pay gap evident in the workplace. Although in recent years many policies have been put in place to offset this bias against women and promote gender equality in the workplace, this gap still very prominently exists, and is showing no signs of closing anytime soon. In fact, some specialists have estimated that men and women will not receive equal pay until at least 2050 and that is true for not just the poor but also the number of female billionaires.

One clear indicator of this significant gap can be found in the distinct divide between the number of male and female billionaires there are in existence. Throughout the world, there is just one country which can boast a population containing more female billionaires than male, and this is largely due to the fact that they only have one billionaire in the entire country total. Out of all of the 70 countries which are home to billionaires, just three of them contain a proportion of 50% or more female billionaires. At the other end of the spectrum, 37 of these countries contain no female billionaires at all, making for extremely one-sided results.

To demonstrate the significance of these figures, the people at Lottoland have compiled all of these interesting statistics into a useful infographic and world map. Visualising the split between male to female billionaires around the world, and highlighting some rather startling results. With almost the entire map indicating a majority of male billionaires, it’s clear to see that there is still significant gender inequality when it comes to the super-wealthy.

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The results show that there is just one country in the world able to boast a greater number of female billionaires than males, and only three which have a 50% or more ratio. In some countries, such as Russia, the gap between male to female billionaires is as large as 95 – 1.

Lottoland sums up the differences as follows:

According to recent census results:

  • The percentage of women billionaires decreased by 11.9% in 2016.
  • For every female billionaire there are 8.4 male billionaires.
  • Women are more likely to have created their fortunes through their own initiative at 44%
  • Despite the setback the overall trend has been moving towards parity with most years over the last decade the number of female billionaires has increased more than men.
  • Most female billionaires are based in Europe but the region with the fastest growing rate and the most self-made female billionaires is Asia.

See the full infographic below


Female billionaires number of female billionaires

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