Feel Like Cinema on YouTube By Using Turn Off The Light Extension

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YouTube nowadays has become a source for various highlighted sponsored videos in the sidebar and advertisements on the page. While watching a video, you may want to shift the focus from various not so important elements of the page to the video. This can be done by making the background dark and hiding or removing other page elements which would create a cool cinema like watching experience.

YouTube elements like related videos, comments, advertisements, etc distracts us from wathcing the video. When watching the video, we would want the focus on video. That’s where Turn Off The Light extension comes in. Let’s learn how this extension is useful.

Turn Off The Lights will fade the page to dark background, so that your videos stands out which would create a cinematic experience.

Feel Like Cinema on YouTube By Using Turn Off The Light Extension

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can stay focused on the video that is being played. Notice other page elements that have became darker.

After installing the extension, you can see a new lamp button in the URL bar. Click on this button to focus on the video and dark the rest of the webpage. Click again and the page will return back to normal.

This extension offers many more features. If you want to set opacity, then this can be done by right-clicking on the lamp button and then clicking on “options”.

From here, you can increase or decrease the opacity by moving the slider. You can also check mark “Automatically dim the background when you click the play button” so that when you click on the play button, the effect is automatically applied.

Ambilight can also be enabled from options > Visual effects > “Show you the ambilight effect of the current playing video”. And if you are confused by all these options, then you can also start the Turn Off the Lights welcome guide which will guide you through the important features of this extension.

No doubt this extension improves the video watching experience by focusing on the video. It prevents us from getting distracted by advertisements and other elements which the user doesn’t want to see when watching the video.

Google Chrome users can install Turn Off the Lights from Chrome WebStore and Firefox users can install this extension from Mozilla Addons library. This extension is also available for Opera, Safari and Windows Internet Explorer.

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