FCC Filing Reveals Tidbits About Google Pixel 2 From HTC

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Google Pixel 2 phones have long been rumored to be in the works, but so far nothing about the handset has been officially announced–until now. Thanks to a recent FCC filing, we now know which company is making the handset (or at least one version of it) for Google, and also some of its specs.

HTC to make at least one variant

It was not clear until now which company would get the opportunity to build the device, with two names being heard of the most: LG and HTC. Now it seems that Taiwan-based HTC will be manufacturing the Google Pixel 2 phones, based on its recent filing with the FCC. However, since Google is expected to launch two variants of the handset, the filing does not tell us whether HTC will manufacture both variants or only one of them. The other variant may go to some other company, like it did with the Nexus 5X/6P.

The FCC filing details a test device that is running Android 8.0.1 with an August security patch. In the filing, mention of a new feature called Active Edge attracts all the attention. The feature may be similar in function to the HTC U11’s squeezable frame feature. It’s believed that the feature will launch Google Assistant when a user squeezes the frame, notes Ubergizmo.

Further, leaked screenshots allegedly showing the Google Pixel 2 phones indicate that the device will come with Android 8.0.1 pre-installed. It also hints that the FCC could use an electric version of the labeling system on the phone. The screenshots also feature navigation buttons exclusive to the Pixel handsets.

One of the screenshots showed that 50GB of native storage remained available while 21% of the total native storage is used. This could mean that unlike last time, the Google Pixel 2 phones will be available in a 64GB base model (unlike 32GB last time). The handset will reportedly employ the Snapdragon 835 chipset.

What to expect from the Google Pixel 2 phones

The Google Pixel 2, reportedly code-named “Walleye,” was previously revealed in an image that Evan Blass posted on Twitter. The Pixel 2 was shown to have thick bezels on the top and bottom, but no setup for the dual rear-lens camera was seen.

“Google’s 2017 Pixel forgoes increasingly-common flagship features,” Blass tweeted then.

LG, Huawei and Apple all embraced this trend last year.

A separate image of the Pixel XL 2 posted by Android Police previously suggested that the smartphone would sport a massive 6-inch AMOLED display from LG with an aspect ratio of 2:1. The handset is expected to come with a much improved camera, though the improvements will likely be more about extra features than megapixel count.

Rumors claim that the device will have BoomSound-style stereo speakers, and that, like Apple and Lenovo, Google is also ditching the headphone jack in its Pixel line. Similar to its predecessor, the Pixel 2 could also have a two-tone metal and glass back. Further, the handset is expected to come with a waterproof design, and according to 9to5Google, the phone will be able to survive being submerged in water.

Google will reportedly release its new flagship devices in October. We also expect the Google Pixel 2 phones to come with a high price, and we don’t expect them to be any cheaper than the original Pixel. The 32GB Pixel launched last year was priced at $649, while the 128GB model was $749. The XL variant retailed for $769 (32GB) and $869 (128GB).

Many believe that Google will have to lower its prices to make its smartphones more competitive. Reportedly, 1 million units of the Pixel series devices have been sold so far. This may sound like a big number, but compared to others, it looks insignificant. For instance, after just 26 days of availability, 5 million units of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were sold, while Huawei is planning to sell 10 million P10 and P10 Plus phones.

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