FBN’s Dobbs Tops CNBC’s Kudlow in Prime-Time

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FBN's Dobbs Tops CNBC's Kudlow in Prime-Time

The competition in the business news television industry is getting tighter. FOX Business Network (FBN)’s Lou Dobbs has made history this week. For the first time, “Lou Dobbs Tonight” topped CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report” head to head in total viewers at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) for a whole week. Dobbs Topped Kudlow by over 17,000 total viewers.

In the key demographic group of viewers ages 25-54, Larry Kudlow led Fox business by 4,000 viewers. Dobbs received 28,000 viewers versus Kudlow’s 32,000 for the group.

In May, Kudlow was leading Dobbs by 44,000 viewers, with Kudlow receiving 171,000 viewers, versus Dobbs’ 127,000. The latest data marks a large reversal in the key prime-time spot of 7PM. Dobbs had been in a close race with Kudlow for the months of April and May. However, CNBC aired NHL hockey playoff-games for parts of April and May, so it was hard to evaluate the data.

Now with playoff season over, it seems that Dobbs is ready to build his lead further.

With the Presidential elections coming up in a few months, overall viewership for both networks should increase.

Fox Business will likely try to build some momentum in the day time slot. FBN recently started airing Money With Melissa Francis,during the 5-6PM EST time slot.

CNBC looks like it has an edge over FBN, as CNBC is available in far more homes. As the number increases for Fox, it could overtake CNBC in total viewership. Additionally, FBN is less than four years old, while CNBC is 21 years old.

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