Sponsored – MIT Now Makes Clothes, And They’re Great

Sponsored – MIT Now Makes Clothes, And They’re Great

When you think fashion, it’s likely your mind doesn’t stray to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ergonomics, robots designed to steal your job, poorly dressed professors owing to a lifetime of being smarter than you and janitors who possess better math skills would each make more sense.

Smart is the new look

That is until now. If Leonard getting Penny has taught us nothing, it’s that a big brain can extend itself to cross into all industries and that boffins these days don’t have taped glasses, they are not the objects of ridicule on the playground based on their dress. In fact, they are now making you look better while allowing you to work.

Work is work. Love it or hate it, you’ll most likely meet your future spouse within a few miles of your “office.” What if someone could work out a way for you to comfortably pick up your dropped notes, compass, and protractor while making you look great while doing it?

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This is precisely what the Ministry of Supply has done with its clothing line. “Work clothes” and “church clothes” exist in the vernacular and English lexicon due to their inherent uncomfortable nature. But, apparently, they needn’t exist in a vacuum.

Smart, sophisticated and sensible that goes from work to play in a snap is not something you thought you would ever see? That makes sense; I certainly get it.

The Ministry of Supply has made sensible smart and…well, sophisticated. Using the human body as a guide, the Ministry has placed fit, function, and simplicity at the forefront of your wardrobe while producing functional and attractive clothing.

Sponsored - MIT Now Makes Clothes, And They're Great

Playing at work?

Whether you like it or not, the lines of work and, well, not work, have blurred. We’re constantly “on call” and need to look the part while remaining comfortable.

This isn’t a sales pitch. I have the luxury of working from home in whatever I wake up in on any given day. I lose 15 minutes every hour chasing two cats that don’t like me and sometimes lose sight of the fact that there are three volcanoes in my backyard. But not everyone has this luxury.

When sent a press release from the Ministry of Supply my mind wandered between, “It’s like Garanimals for adults” and “that’s a really nice jacket.” And that’s the crux of it really. I enjoy dressing myself and I also find catharsis with an iron in my hand, but realize that not everyone does.

Looking at the Ministry’s line, I saw stretch, comfort and style. A jacket that I would wear with nearly anything, pants that work with everything I own and the potential for a nice suit. It’s as if someone at MIT designed these. Oh, wait…

You can dress yourself in the dark with these clothes. You can mix them into your existing wardrobe but only part of you will be as comfortable as possible. Everything has been designed to make fashion approachable and smart while coming out of the dryer ready to wear. No iron, no fuss. The only real danger lies in telling people where you bought your recently complimented “it”. (It being pants, shirts, socks, and jackets that work alone or together)

The Aviator 2 jacket and pants I recently bought make me look good. The pants fit me very well, and if yours don’t you can take advantage of the company’s reimbursement for the hemming of their garments.

I’m vain and I don’t like that someone can look this good without my requisite primping and preening. However it’s interesting to see that “empathetic inventors” have put comfort and work ahead of fashion while still making fashionable clothing.

It’s fair to say that the clothes are great. And that is in spite of the rejection letter I received from MIT in 1990.


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