Fairholme Capital Management Public Conference Call 2016 [Audio]

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Fairholme Capital Management Public Conference Call 2016

We will have the transcript soon see the press release below

MIAMI, FL – Fairholme Capital Management (“Fairholme”) today announced that Bruce Berkowitz, the firm’s Founder and Chief Investment Officer, will host a one-hour conference call on February 23, 2016, at 11:00 AM EST. The purpose of the call is to give the public the opportunity to engage with the firm, understand its strategies and holdings, and propose questions or topics for discussion. Speaking on behalf of Fairholme, Mr. Berkowitz stated, “The conference call provides an opportunity to expand upon our core beliefs, strategies, and ideas, most recently presented in our annual letter. Since its inception, Fairholme’s strategy has been to invest in deeply undervalued securities with the expectation that the market will eventually recognize our estimation of their underlying intrinsic values. I look forward to discussing our holdings and outlook, as well as to address questions that are on the minds of our investors.” The format of this call will mirror that of last year’s: Mr. Berkowitz will provide commentary on investments while responding to comments and questions submitted in advance by the public. Fairholme will accept questions and/or comments until Friday, February 19 at 5:00 PM EST. All topics for discussion may be submitted electronically to [email protected]. Please note that submissions will remain anonymous. Participants are encouraged to access and review recent commentary and topical postings, as well as the live stream details, by visiting www.FairholmeFunds.com.


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