Facebook Users Report New Spam Emails Circling The Web

Facebook Users Report New Spam Emails Circling The Web

Facebook users are reporting new spam emails that are extraordinarily like some of the actual emails the social media giant sends out.  The message uses the same coloring and font that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) uses.

In the subject heading it says, “New Message.” Inside the email it looks like Facebook is notifying you that one of your friends has sent you a message. It also has the usual notice about unsubscribing if you don’t wish to receive similar messages like it from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in the future.


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One thing that makes it obvious that this is a spam message is the “From” address. The spam messages are coming from an address that doesn’t have facebook.com in it anywhere.

Often it’s a mixture of letters and numbers. However there are other cases in which the “From” address has been spoofed. It may look like it comes from facebook.com, so there’s another thing you should check if you question whether an email is really from Facebook

Look at the place at the bottom of the message where it has a link that should enable you to either unsubscribe or to make changes to your notification settings. If you right-click on the link and click “Copy Hyperlink,” you can then paste it into your browse. Just don’t hit enter. This will enable you to see where the link leads without actually going to the site. If the link does not end in facebook.com, then it is a false email.

This most recent spam email that’s circling has a button that says “Check out (whoever it is)’s profile.” You can follow the same instructions Facebook gives for checking the unsubscribe link.

Just right-click it and choose “Copy Hyperlink” and then paste it into your browse. In the case of one email we have received, the link actually takes you to the link AloneLookingtoDateNow.com. Needless to say we didn’t hit enter on that link to see what’s on that site because it’s clearly not a link to Facebook.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) urges users not to click on any links or open any attachments from emails that they believe to be fake. Instead they request that you forward the email to [email protected] The company will not reply to every report you send in, but they will use the emails you forward to investigate them and, if necessary, take action.

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