Facebook Unsubscribe Message Is A Hoax


Facebook Unsubscribe Message Is A Hoax

There is a post quickly circulating Facebook that the social network giant has compromised its users privacy. This post usually reads something like this:

“Do me a favor: please hover over my name here, wait for the box to load and then hover over the “Subscribe” link. Then uncheck the “Comments and likes” choice. I would rather my comments on friends’ posts not be made public. Thanks** Then repost if you don’t want your EVERY MOVE posted on the right for everyone to see, I’ll do the same for you if you want. just click like. Thanks”

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It may also have a line which indicates that a hacker has been involved in the creation of a method to access your private comments to see what you are doing in your daily life. These rumors have been proven false for the second time by Jon Loomer, of jonloomer.com.

He points out that the post was probably started by a well meaning person who noticed that their comments and other friends comments on posts were showing up in their timeline. However, he also points out that the only time this is true, is when a post is made public. If it is a post that is intended and marked only for friends to see, then the only people who will see the comments are friends of the owner of the post. When it is not marked for friends only viewing, then it will be noticed by anyone who views the post.

The accusations that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has compromised user privacy are not true, as you have the option not to comment on a public post. Also, the idea that a hacker is involved is usually added by someone other than the original poster of the message making these claims. Loomer points out that by adding the line about privacy being open to hackers, users increase the chances of someone actually copying the post to their Facebook page.

The latest post regarding this issue, which Loomer has posted on his web site, reads like this:

“To all my contacts, friends, I request you that with the recent changes in FB, now one can see things from people who are not in your contacts list. Just because a contact of yours makes a comment or “likes” in some activity of that person. I do not want people to contact me, and would like that they do not read and see all my comments and stuff. But I can not change this myself because Facebook has configured it this way. But you can do it for me.

PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (do not click), a window will appear and move the mouse on “Friends” (also without clicking), then down to “Settings”, click here and a list will appear. Click “Comments and Like” and it would thereby remove the CHECK. By doing this my activity amongst my friends and my family does not become public. A Thousand Thanks! Paste this on your wall for your contacts, if you care about your privacy!!!”

Loomer warns that copy paste posts along this line are almost always not true, and though possibly posted by someone who means well, they cause unnecessary panic. I guess it all goes back to a famous quote:

“Just because you see something posted on the Internet, it does not mean that it is true” – Abraham Lincoln

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