Facebook Pushes Larger Profile Pictures To Compete With Google+

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Facebook Pushes Larger Profile Pictures To Compete With Google+
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Facebook is trying to one-up Google+ all over again. A few months ago, the social media giant tested photo viewers on their website that looked a lot like the viewers from Google+ which has a design that features a large photo on the left and comments on the right. Then just days ago, the search giant made over their interface that’s complete with left-hand menu that allows users to access everything the website has to offer plus larger photos. Now Facebook just rolled out bigger profile photos to compete with them. The photos that used to measure 130 x 125, are now of 166 x 160 size. The new change is pretty significant.

This isn’t the first change that Facebook has gone through this year. They have introduced the timeline profile pages which will organize the user’s Facebook history by the month and year. The timeline format has already taken effect on all brand and business pages and currently it’s optional for personal users.

It sounds like that Facebook is poised to make continuous changes in order to keep their top dog title, but at what cost to their users? Many of the website’s users complain about the company’s certain business practices, but many others still use the website irregardless.  Google+ is successfully going on strong despite the competition out there and maybe Facebook wants to copy some of those elements in hopes that they will continue to reign their social media crown.

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The good news here is that I think most Facebook users will respond positively to the change. I personally always thought their profile photos were a little too small, so I welcome this change. All these changes make me wonder what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has in store for the future of the website and the entire future of social media in general.

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