Facebook Working On Private Content Sharing App [REPORT]


In this day and age where nothing on the internet seems sacred (or private) anymore, finding a safe haven for personal stuff is a rare treasure. It is even rarer when a company like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), which was built on all things social and sharing, tests out more personal content sharing methods.

Facebook Working On Private Content Sharing App [REPORT]

Facebook reportedly works on new app

According to multiple sources, Facebook is working on a special app called “Moments” that offers grid-style interface to share private moments with those the user is closest to. The sole purpose of this app is help users share more personal things with a select group of people. Some users have been put off by the website’s complicated user settings.

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The report does not indicate if this app will actually e released to the public, especially given the fact Facebook had numerous internal experiments which never made it. If this app does exist, it may mean Mark Zuckerberg’s company is serious about winning trust back from users, a crucial move considering how many users are intimidated by the ever-changing privacy policies and newsfeeds. A representative for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) declined to comment on the rumor.

Facebook hopes to cater to careful users with new app

“Moments” would be ideal for social media users who shared a status or photo with more or less people than wanted because they did not know about the site’s privacy settings. It would also be ideal for those who don’t share too often because they don’t want to share too much information with everyone on their friends list, or for those who switched to private messaging for sharing.

Just four years ago, Zuckerberg shared that 5% of the site’s users actually use Friend lists which meant it didn’t find a design for granular privacy controls. A year later, the social giant addressed the issue with revamped Friend lists. This consisted of automatically created lists of family, local friends, and co-workers.

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