Facebook Makes Phones Obsolete With Message Requests


Facebook is making it possible to reach out to people who are on the social network but do not have their contact numbers listed. To contact someone, the user will now just need your name and Facebook Messenger.

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Facebook Makes Phones Obsolete With Message Requests

Facebook changing the way we behave digitally

Facebook wants people around the world to connect with billions of others in a better manner, and simultaneously it is trying to change the digital behavior of its users. When two people meet, they generally exchange email IDs and phone numbers, and in some cases, they also friend them on Facebook. But if the two are combined, they can have a more intimate conversation, and Facebook’s Message Requests will allow just that.

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Such an action will consolidate users’ message inboxes, and the “Other Folder” won’t be there any longer. The user will have the option of accepting or ignoring new requests without the knowledge of the sender. There are users who do not deal with pending requests because they fear if they ignore a message, then it will send a signal to the sender that the recipient saw their message and chose to ignore it. But with the update, a user will just have to slide to ignore.

In a post, David Marcus, head of Messenger, said the messages from people with whom a person is friends on the social network will be routed to the user’s inbox. Similarly, messages from the contacts that a user has on their synced mobile will also be directly routed to their inbox. The rest all will remain pending for the user to accept before messages could be exchanged between the two people.

Privacy concerns could worry many

Despite being a useful feature, Message Requests could worry many regarding their privacy, fearing people who make use of this service for connecting with unknown people for random reasons. This feature has a benefit as well; it streamlines the way users handle messages. The user will be required to select the option “yes” if it is from a known contact, and if it is from a stranger, then they should select “no.” Accordingly, it will be queued up in the user’s inbox.

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