Facebook Murder Case In Netherlands Solved: 15 Year Old Convicted

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The ill famed Facebook murder that took place in the Netherlands a year ago has finally been resolved. According to Dutch media, the victim- Joyce ‘Winsie’ was stabbed to death by Jinhua K at her home. This revelation came to pass after Jinhua himself made a confession, sealing his fate and owning up to his deed. Jinhua, who was 14 at the time of the murder, was sentenced to one year in juvenile detention.

Facebook Murder Case In Netherlands Solved: 15 Year Old Convicted

Retrospectively, the murder was believed to have been fueled by an argument on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s site. The court later settled for this assumption, after rummaging through innumerable wall posts and updates on the social site and matching their findings with the story they had earlier been given.

Apparently, a Facebook spat, between Winsie and her then best friend Polly W, spilled outside social media after Winsie allegedly posted offending comments on Polly W’s wall. This was when Polly and her then boyfriend planned the murder and used 15 year old Jinhua as their henchman. Jinhua was given a note that contained conclusive details of the victim’s address, including details as to when she would arrive home.

The court revealed that Jinhua did not know the victim, despite following instructions to murder her. Dutch media reported that Jinhua’s actions were compensated by a €1000 payment, among other empty promises.

Polly W, the girl who is said to have ordered the killing, will be arraigned in court alongside her boyfriend come next month.

In addition to the one year juvenile conviction that Jinhua faces, the Arnhem court also pointed out that he could face up to three years detention in a psychiatric institution. This underscores concerns of Jinhua’s mental well being, especially so, after considering what mental experts had to say about the teenager. Mental experts said that the boy was suffering from severe behavioral disorder, citing that he was exhibiting psychopathic tendencies.

Indeed, the boy could have been suffering from behavioral disorder. He notes that he was unable to disobey orders from Polly W, merely because of the great pressure that the girl gave him. This demonstrates that his crude actions were not fuelled by reasonable motive, but by his inability to comprehend the seriousness of the situation he was in.

At the time of the murder, the victim’s neighborhood was cast in an emotional frenzy, as residents blatantly expressed their discomfort, disappointment, and grief. In fact, the victim’s father is not satisfied with the one year conviction. “I am not happy with one year for my daughter’s life,” he remarked.

This conviction signals reasonable advancement in a court case that has since haunted the victim’s family, and the people of the Netherlands, for a long time.

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