Facebook Mimics Google Now With More Personalized Notifications

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In response to user feedback, Facebook is unveiling new notifications that allow users to personalize notifications for mobile a la Google Now.

Facebook Mimics Google Now With More Personalized Notifications

The revamp of Facebook notifications

Facebook announced yesterday that it had begun offering more customization for notifications that prior to Monday was generally limited to events and birthdays. Essentially, the new feature will look something like a hybrid of existing notifications and Google Now with the presence of cards “made” from your “likes” and “follows.” The update began rolling out to both Android and iOS users on Monday in the United States. Facebook has been quite tight-lipped about any overseas roll-out.

Not unlike Google Now, sports scores, television shows and movies will start to pop-up in your notifications. By activating location history, the new notifications will also provide show times, events in your area, restaurant suggestions, local news, weather updates including severe weather warnings.

There is little doubt that Facebook was looking to mimic Google Now with its new feature with Keith Peiris, Facebook’s Product Manager, calling the new notifications “Cards.”

Possible spoilers await Facebook users

Users will need to be a bit careful if they are recording their favorite teams’ games as they hurry home for work. Putting sports scores front and center based on past Facebook navigation could see you receiving information front and center about something that you would prefer to be a surprise later in the day. Blissful ignorance could be thrown away if settings aren’t managed properly.

In order to customize these cards, you will simply need to go to Settings. Each card has an arrow to its right and once clicked you will be able to customize what you see. Additionally, there is an Add More Cards, at the bottom of the notifications tab that lets you add more and more notifications of your choosing.

Facebook “cards” for Amazon and Windows

Some websites have been critical of the “cards” feature but it should be noted that Facebook has only just begun to roll-out the new feature. Overtime one would expect it to improve. Facebook has given no clear indication if its “cards” will be made available for those using Amazon Fire or for Windows operating systems.

]Facebook has suggested that it hopes to see a 30% increase in purchases made in its app on mobile for the last quarter of 2015.

“In a world where screen real estate is shrinking, personalization, visualization and experimentation is becoming increasingly important,” Facebook IQ wrote after the announcement.

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