Facebook Inc (FB) Messenger App Split In Progress, Users Worry

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) mobile users are seeing some of their messages disappearing from the main Facebook app after the separation of the messenger function into a separate app. Mashable reported that a Facebook spokesperson has confirmed that the change is now affecting some users, but the app has not been launched for everyone yet.

Facebook Inc (FB) Messenger App Split In Progress, Users Worry

Facebook already notified the users

It was confirmed that some of the users are losing the messages from the main Facebook app. However, only those users using iPhone and Android will face these issues. There will be no effect on iPad and Microsoft Windows Phone, according to Mashable. Another article in CNBC reported that this change might have kicked in from July 30, when Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) started creating a separate Messenger app.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) started notifying its users to download Messenger from April, followed by the announcement that there would be a separate app. However, until now users were able to see messages without downloading the Messenger. The Social networking site is adopting the change gradually and announced mobile users to download both apps.

Messenger users got an email saying their messages will be transferred to the Messenger app in the coming months. Not all users are happy about the change, but Facebook is assuring its customer base that new Messenger app will benefit all users as messages would be sent faster, and Messenger would be more reliable. Facebook stated that Messenger has a user base of over 200 million monthly users.

Dreadful terms & conditions

In a statement to CNBC, the company noted that the main aim is to carve out Messenger as the best mobile messaging experience and do away with the confusion of having separate Facebook mobile messaging experience.

One of the users took pain to go through the terms and condition that the user need to tick in. Some of the readings would not go very well with those who are quite serious about their privacy. One of the points read that by accepting the app, user is giving Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) the right to the send message without permission, record audio by using phone’s microphone and click pictures without the permission of the user.

Also, the app reportedly reads the private content on the user’s phone including contacts and messages. Sam Fiorella of Huffington Post was the first to post about these terms & conditions.

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