Why Facebook Inc (FB) Is Losing Popularity Among Teens

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The popularity of Facebook is on a decline among teens; one more survey comes up with findings and reasons for the decline

Facebook rose to popularity at a very fast pace among teens and youth, but recently there has been a decline in its popularity. This has been confirmed by yet another survey. Magid Associates conducted an annual internet survey, which revealed that a large number of users between the age group of 13 and 17 have left the social networking platform.

Why Facebook Inc (FB) Is Losing Popularity Among Teens

Reason for declining popularity among teens

Marlie Hall of CBS News was told by 17-year-old high school senior Eloise Lobenthal that she has deactivated her profile on Facebook, just like several of her friends. The survey reveals that there has been a decline of 6% in teenage users on Facebook. From 94%, it went down to 88% last year.

Jeff Segal of Magid Associates said, “By far the largest decrease of we saw of any group using Facebook currently.”

According to the experts, the reason for this decline in the usage of Facebook among teens is that their family members too have joined Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), and therefore, they have to be cautious while posting any photos or sharing their thoughts on it. Hence, they have resorted to keeping away from it.

Fast growth in other social networks and instant messaging apps is also a major reason for the decline of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) usage among teens. Instagram, the photo-based site owned by Facebook, saw the biggest growth rate of 25% in last year among the users of the age group 13 to 17.

Facebook more of a utility

However, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is the largest social media site in the world, and the fact that it has become a utility made Eloise go back to using it in a limited way after a break of eight months. “It’s the easiest way to communicate with my classmates,” she said. “We have a grade-wide Facebook page, which is also really super helpful.”

“Facebook is more a utility now, like your electric bill, it’s something you have to have,” Segal said.

Also Eloise’s 12-year-old sister, who likes Instagram, told Hall she may not join Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) at all. Among the depressing news of the dropping popularity among teens, one positive for the company is the growing popularity of Instagram.

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