Facebook World Hack Tour Starts August 23rd

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Facebook World Hack Tour Starts August 23rd

Get ready for another hack roadshow from the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) at the end of this month. Facebook World HACK 2012 would start from August 23 and will run till October 1, so if you have not signed up for it, please do it fast, with a nominal fee of course.

The developer blog read “These events always sell out quickly, so make sure to register your interest for the World HACK in your city as soon as you can. There is a nominal fee for attendance.”

The Hack show 2012 will pass through the following destinations:

* Austin, USA – August 23

* Mexico City, Mexico – August 27

* Buenos Aires, Argentina – August 29

* São Paulo, Brazil – August 31

* Berlin, Germany – September 11

* Taipei, Taiwan – September 11

* Jakarta, Indonesia – September 13

* Bangalore, India – September 17

* Barcelona, Spain – September 18

* Vancouver, Canada – September 20

* Warsaw, Poland — September 28

* Moscow, Russia – October 1

A unique point about the chosen destinations is that all are centers of technical innovation, and the tour focuses on destinations apart from US. This will certainly help the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) engineers to learn a lot. Following instructions were available on the Facebook Developers blog:

“[W]e know you’re there to code. We’ll quickly dive into demos and samples to give you everything you need to get started on the HACK itself: an eight hour competition where you get to demonstrate your newfound skills, with hands-on help from Facebook engineers. We finish with team demos and awards for the best apps and projects worked on throughout the day.”

Attendees will get a chance to know about the company APIs, Mobile SDKs, and Open Graph from the Facebook engineers. There will be various events, open for teams or individuals, with lots of prizes to be won. One can come with a pre-formed team, if not then not to worry, one can always join the team there and then. Apart from the regular prizes, the best teams from each continent will also “win a trip to San Francisco, to visit our campus and meet the Facebook team.”

So developers, if you have an idea that could be used by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), ensure that you are there at the mentioned locations.

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