Facebook Wants To Know The Views Of Users


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been taking a lot of heat lately for things like their privacy policy and IPO, now they want to hear what their users think. The social networking website designed a special survey and linked it up to a message at the top of the news feed, inviting the user to take the survey.

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Facebook Wants To Know The Views Of Users

The brief survey takes about just two minutes and contains fourteen questions, as well as two optional feedback boxes.  The survey questions are generally the same kind of questions you would get from any survey. The questions generally concern overall satisfaction but a few questions touched on other topics, like privacy matter and usage. A small sampling of the questions include the following:

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How useful is Facebook overall?

How important is Facebook in staying connected to:  close friends and family; acquaintances; celebrities and other public figures?

In your opinion, how much value does Facebook place on providing a good experience to users?

According to one representative for the company, “Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) runs variations of surveys regularly, in order to improve the user experience, and this is one of those surveys.”

Although the survey is nothing groundbreaking, it should prove that the social media giant still cares about the people that matter most: their users.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s survey should prove beneficial to users, who can give the company a piece of their mind, and the website itself, so they can figure out how to further improve their brand. Technology changes and so should business. It’s crucial for all companies to give such surveys every so often, just so they can keep up with the changing demands of their users/consumers.

The real question here is how many people will actually take this survey. Obviously, surveys are almost always optional, but sometimes an incentive (like entries towards a giveaway) entice more people to take the survey. Obviously, they can’t afford to give stuff away for every survey, but it might be a smart move if they wanted a mass number of survey takers to observe.


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